We are the Champions (Boys)

Here you can read about all the exciting Partille Cup finals for boys. The finals are held at Heden Arena in the middle of Gothenburg with at capacity of 7000 spectators. Free entrance for participants with the Partille Cup Pass.

B10: Volgograd – Lugi HF 2 19–16 (11–8)

The match started with a nice finish from Volgograd directly in the first offensive play. It set the tone for a high-quality start of the final day of Partille Cup 2019. Lugi also performed very good with good combinations and even though the Russian team took the lead, the Lund team came closer towards the end of the first half. Volgograd started the second half nicely but Lugi never gave up. The goal difference was still three when the match was summed up and the team from Russia won in the B10 final.
“It was awesome to win,” said Volgograd coach Vladimir Salivan after the final whistle.
“One of the boys has been training almost since he was born, but the rest of them have been playing for about a year”.

B21: IK Sävehof – Kärra HF 19-14 (12–7)

Two local teams played the final in the B21 class where IK Sävehof met Kärra HF. It was the team in yellow and black which took an early lead in the match, but in no way created an impossible lead for Kärra to come back from at the start. Simon Möller in Sävehof did some very nice saves.
“We got a pretty good start and then I think we had control pretty much the whole match”, Möller said.
As the skilled goalkeeper was talking about, it their lead started to increase and it was Sävehof in the lead with 12-7 at half time. The introductory part of the second half was not filled with goals and Kärra’s Hugo Evebring made two impressive saves on one-on-ones with the opponent. However, Sävehof’s advantage was never threatened and they could win with 19-14.
“It was great fun to play and that there were a lot of people here to watch the game”, Möller thought, who this time celebrated his sixth gold in the Partille Cup.

B11: RK Zagreb – Fortuna 7–8 (6–3)

This was a very exciting final. It was Croatian side RK Zagreb who started the match best and managed to get a small lead with 6-3 after the first half of the game. Fortuna, however, approached slowly but surely, and a wonderful shot that went post-post-in became the start of what would be a memorable turn of the result. It was 7–6 to the Croats for a long time, but the team from Moldavia eventually came turned things around and could win by 8–7. The final attempt of the match was from the penalty line and Zagreb then had a chance to make the score even, however a superb save prevented it from happening and Fortuna could celebrate.
“We are very happy about this win and it is amazing how we managed to turn it around. The guys worked very hard and really wanted to win,” said the team leader Marina Meretskaia.
“This is also the second time we win and being part of Partille Cup has been a great experience for our team”.

B12: Slavonia HT – RK Rugvica 5–4 (2–2)

Two Croatian teams reached the final in the B12 class this year and it was two close teams facing each other. There was not a lot of goals to report about but the audience at Heden Arena could see some great goalkeeping and defense.
“It rained a lot so it was difficult to play, it was more of a football result than handball,” said Slavonia’s coach Matija Fumic.
After 2–2 in half time, it was Slavonia who started scoring in the second half. It would turn out to be a key to what later was their win by 5–4.
“This was our second final in the two years we have been here. We are thrilled by just being here, but to also win is very emotional, it is hardly possible to describe”.
“I am proud of my players and the opponents also did very well. We are very proud of our country and our handball school”.

B13: RK Rudar – Team Favrskov Håndbold 7-17 (5-8)

Danish side Team Favrskov Håndbold took on RK Rudar from Croatia in the B13 final. The Danish team had good control of the match from the start and led with three balls when half the time had passed. In the second half, the increased even more and Rudar could not make a comeback this time. Finally Team Favrskov Håndbold got to lift the trophy after winning 17–7.
“It was a great match and it is fantastic that we have won”, said Jesper Möller who was part of the Danish coaching staff.
“The weather was not very good so it was difficult to play, but this win compensates for it and we hardly feel the rain!”

B18: Enköpings HF – Skanderborg HB 18–25 (8–12)

This year the winners of Partille Cup in the B18 category comes from Denmark. As usual, Skanderborg HB had a strong team with them and they showed this in the final. Early on one could see that they started to get the advantage and led with 12–8 after 20 minutes. There was still a comfortable distance down to Enköping and in the second half the distance increased. A Skanderborg player got a twominute suspension in what could have been a sensitive phase of the game, but the Danish side were still in control and eventually won 25–18.
“It was very nice to win. The first half was even, but then we dominated in the second”, said Jonas Holm Fuglsbjerg Fizz.
“The week has, as usual, been very good and this is the fourth time we win!”

B16: BM Granollers – Skanderborg HB 1 16–17 (7–6)

The start of the match belonged to Spanish team BM Granollers and after ten minutes of play they had the lead with 5–2. Then it became a little tougher for them to score and Skanderborg managed to equalize and take the lead. Then it turned quickly again and the Spanish side lead with 7–6 at half time. The second half was even all the way and after 30 minutes of play it was still not possible to separate the teams. With 16–16 on the scoreboard, golden goal had to decide and there Skanderborg managed to score.
“It was probably one of the worst games we played in this tournament. We were behind in the start and had a hard time to get our game going, but the guys showed very good character. This was also their sixth final in the Partille Cup, but this was the first victory”, said Skanderborg coach Laurids Sögaard Petersen.
“Being here in the golden goal, going back and forth and still winning, shows what this team is all about and what these players are capable of”.

B14: Enköpings HF – Lödde Viking HK 1 15-19 (8-12)

The audience at Heden Arena got to see an introduction to the final in the B14 class with a lot of goals. It was Lödde Viking HK 1 who early on took the lead and were up by 12–8 into the half-time break. With a large and supporting section in the stands, they did their best to keep the lead. There were opportunities for Enköping to come closer and possibly create some drama, but then it didn’t really happen. The goal difference of four goals remained for the last part of the game and Lödde Viking HK 1 could win by 19-15.
“It feels good to win, we had control and have worked a lot for this”, said one of the heroes of Lödde Viking HK 1, Massimo Wong.
“Last year we came to the last 16, so now it was fun to win!”

B15: Hörning Håndbold – Hjortshöj Egå IF 14–12 (5–7)

The classic song “Vi er röde, vi er hvide” was played during the last game of Partille Cup’s final day 2019, which was played between the two Danish teams Hörning Håndbold and Hjortshöj Egå IF. It was the latter side that clearly got the best start and were up by 5–1. They kept their lead until the half-time break with 7–5 on the scoreboard. A turn of the score, however, was about to happen. Hörning came up to 8–8 with ten minutes left to play and they had the strongest finish. The winning score was 14–12 and once again there was a team that had longed to lift the trophy.
“It was a very exciting match. Hjortshöj is a very good team with good players, but today our guys wanted this very much. It’s the fourth time we’re in the final and now we took the gold”, coach Daniel Flyger said.
“We were behind in the first half because we were not very good at the attack, but we made some adjustments in half time”.

They won B-finals:
B10: IK Sund 1, Sweden
B21: OV Helsingborg, Sweden
B11: IF Stjernen 1, Denmark
B12: Skanderborg HB, Denmark
B13: Eskilstuna Guif 2, Sweden
B18: UOR 4, Russia
B16: Önnereds HK 1, Sweden
B14: Ski IL 1, Norway
B15: IFK Kristianstad 1, Sweden

Text: Erik Malmqvist
Photo: Fredrik Aremy & Christian Wahlgren