We are the champions (Boys)

Here you can read about all the Partille Cup finals during the day.

B10: Fortuna – Lugi HF 2 17-10 (11-6)

Lugi had the best start to the match and got the lead. After a while, Fortuna developed their game in a very nice way and thanks to well-placed shots, many totally out of reach for the Lugi goalkeeper, the team from Moldova led 11-6 at half-time. The second half continued in a similar way. Fortuna showed up some good plays and their goalkeeper really stood out and showed some skillful saves. The final result was 17-10.
“It was a little stressful, but very fun to play,” said Lugis Erik Saal after the match.
“The week has been a bit tough but very fun”.

B21: Kungälvs HK – IK Sävehof 10-26 (5-13)

In the oldest age category there was a meeting between teams from the Gothenburg region, Kungälvs HK against IK Sävehof. The match began with a couple of goals by William Bogojevic and that set the tone for the rest of the match. Initially, it was relatively tough game with some tough challenges. Already at half-time the goal difference was eight goals and it would prove to be a too tough task for Kungälv to turn the game around. Finally, IK Sävehof won 26-10, where Oskar Sunnefeldt scored six of the goals.
– A final is always a final and it was very fun to play, he said afterwards.
– This is the first time I win the Partille Cup. I’ve been in the final twice before, so it was nice to finally get a win.

B11: RK Zagreb – Slavonia HT 7-8 (4-4)

Two Croatian teams played for the gold in the B11 category this year. The match was characterized by a high standing defense with elements of close marking. In the first half, we could for example see a really clever finish from Zagreb from almost no angle at all. The teams were even throughout the game and it was barely possible to find a winner. Slavonia made a mini-run towards the gold medal in the end, but Zagreb never gave up and when the referee blew the final whistle, it was only one goal that separated the teams. The match ended 8-7 and Slavonia are Partille Cup champions in the B11 class! Afterwards a wild celebration on the field followed with great joy.
“This is the best feeling in the world. This is one of the biggest and best tournaments in the world and to win is really a great honor”, said Slavonia’s coach Matija Fumic after the victory.
“I’m very proud of the boys and it was well deserved. Next year we will be back!”

B18: Lugi HF 1 – IK Sävehof 1 25-22 (15-10)

The audience at Heden Arena 1 saw an an intensive first couple of minutes in the final of the B18 category. Lund team Lugi got off to a great start and claimed a lead by a few goals. After the first twenty minutes, the team led by 15-10. Sävehof started a bit better at the start of the second half, but it wasn’t enough in this final against a strong Lugi side. In the end, the score was 25-22 and goalkeeper Victor Hedberg played a big role.
“It’s always fun to win. Partille is a big cup and something that one has always dreamed of winning”, Hedberg said afterwards.
“For me it was the first time I won the tournament but some of my teammates have done it before”.

B12: RK Zagreb 2 – RK Zagreb 1 14-23 (6-12)

Two teams from RK Zagreb played for the first place in the B12 category. The match was characterized by plenty of joy and show. Zagreb 1 got a dream start to the match and took an early big lead that would turn out to last until the final whistle. At half-time the score was 12-6 to Zagreb 1. Both teams showed great skill with the goalkeepers scoring a goal each. The show factor increased all the time and after the match both teams were happy and celebrated together.
“It’s been a very good tournament for us and we had two teams with us here. The match before this was tough, while this game was all about having fun”, said team coach Ivan Dragic.

B13: Hörning Håndbold 1 – RK Maksimir Pastela 13-18 (8-10)

Today’s sixth final for the boys was played at 14:00 on Heden Arena 1. It was Croatian team RK Maksimir Pastela against Danish side Hörning Håndboll 1. The opening phase of the match was very tight and at half-time Maksimir Pastela only lead by two goals.  Then they leveled up even more and increased their lead. Something that stood out was a dream goal by Hörning’s number 73 where he threw himself forward and from a horizontal position beautifully managed to find the back of the net. However, it was not enough because at the end Maksimir won by 18-13.
“Last year we also won so we are very happy to be part of the tournament again. It’s been very nice to meet so many good teams and of course tog get the win”, said Maksimir Pastela’s coach Vedran Krkac.

B16: Skanderborg HB – Norrköpings HK 21-9 (11-3)

Skanderborg HB have showed their strength in previous editions of Partille Cup and this year the team had reached the final once again. It was also they who took the lead in the match against Norrköping HK and it didn’t take long until the Danes had real control of the game. At half-time they led by 11-3 and after the final whistle they had increased the goal difference to twelve and the result was 21-9. It should also be mentioned that Norrköping’s goalkeeper did a really good job and for a while he saved shot after shot.
“It was a great match and nice to win again. This was the fourth time I won the Partille Cup”, said Magnus Vejsgaard Arvad with a smile just before the award ceremony.
“It’s a great tournament with a great atmosphere. I think and hope I’m here next year again!”

B14: HK Silwing/Troja – Skanderborg HB 18-7 (8-3)

Swedish side HK Silwing / Troja and Danish team Skanderborg HB played the final in the B14 category on Saturday afternoon. Silwing/Troja had a nice opening in the final and led 3-0 before the Danes had managed to make their first goal of the match. The match then continued in a similar manner and at half-time the Swedes led by 8-3. In the second half, Silwing/Troja showed up some skillful play, including a nice goal from their player with number four on the shirt. When the referee ended the match, the scoreboard showed 18-7 to HK Silwing/Troja’s advantage.
“It feels great to win the Partille Cup. We got off to a great start so it was nice”, said HK Silwing/Troja’s Olle Gransten after the match.
“It’s the first time I win this tournament, last year we lost in the quarterfinals so it was great to win now”.

B15: Skanderborg HB 1 – RK Zagreb 13-15 (6-10)

In the last final of the day there were some tight opening minutes between RK Zagreb from Croatia and Danish Skanderborg HB 1. Then the Zagreb team took over and managed to get a lead by four goals that would prove to be important further on in the match. They managed to keep that goal difference until half-time. RK Zagreb played very focused throughout the game and that was a key to their win. Even though Skanderborg got a little better start to the second half, they couldn’t come any closer than 15-13.
“I thought we played very well. Our main focus was to stop number 52 in Skanderborg and we succeeded with that”, said Bruno Pavlic.
“We have many coaches with us here at Partille Cup so we had done some scouting. Next year we will probably be back and hope to get a three-peat”, Pavlic, who also participated won the Partille Cup 2017 with the team, said.

The B-finals ended like this:
B10: CYSS 3 – IK Sävehof 2 10-2
B21: Hörning Håndbold – Lindesberg LIF 13-19
B11: IK Sund 2 – Brabrand IF 13-4
B18: HK Ankaret – AGF Håndbold 14-13
B12: OV Helsingborg – IFK Tumba 14-15
B13: HSG Nordwest – Täby HBK 11-17
B16: IK Sävehof 2 – RP IF 13-22
B14: Ski IL – Täby HBK 1 11-15
B15: Herning FH – HSG Nordwest 1 12-11