We are the champions (Girls)

Here you can read about all the Partille Cup finals during the exciting day.The finals are held at Heden Arena in the middle of Gothenburg with at capacity of 7000 spectators. Free entrance for participants with the Partille Cup Pass.

G10: Lugi HF 1 – Strandby-Elling IF 5-10 (2-2)


The first girls final between the swedish team Lugi HF 1 and Strandby-Elling IF from Denmark started calmly. It took five minutes before the first goal was scored and another seven minutes later came the second goal, which meant 1-1. The teams followed each other and the score was 2-2 at the break. In the second half, the danes took a lead that they never released. In the end, Strandby-Elling IF had scored twice as many goals as Lugi HF 1. They deserved the win.
– It feels great to win the Partille Cup! We played very good handball and were the best team. We will celebrate with the trophy the whole day, says the great goalkeeper Emilie Mellergård.

G21: IK Sävehof – IK Baltichov 10-8 (6-2)

IK Sävehof immediately got a steady lead and had the advantage with sex goals to one before IK Baltichov’s Elin Svensson scored a penalty to make it 6-2. IK Baltichov came closer and closer in the second half. In the final minutes, the score was 9-8. The IK Sävehof players started to get a little bit nervous. But then Nina Dano from the senior team threw herself forward and scored the championship winning goal.
– It felt good to score that goal. It was needed. It’s always fun to win. This was my third win in the Partille Cup. I have won with Sävehof twice and with Torslanda once. This year I first won the swedish championship and then Partille Cup. I have won everything I have played in with Sävehof. I hope it continues like this, says Nina Dano with a laugh.

G11: BK Ydun – Kärra HF 1 9-1 (6-1)

The danish side BK Ydun played well in the beginning of the G11 final against the swedes in Kärra HF 1. They scored goal after goal and were suddenly in the lead with six goals to one. In the second half, BK Ydun increased their the lead to 9-1, which became the final score at Heden 2. Happy danish players made the wave in front of their relatives and friends after the final whistle.
– It was very fun that we won! I think that we are the champions because we have a good team and because we play as a team. We are going to celebrate with our families and we are also going to dance, says the scoring machine Johanne Persson, who has a Swedish surname because her mother comes from Sweden.

G12: Rödekro-Aabenraa Håndbold – Skanderborg HB 1 8-3 (4-1)

The G12 final was a whole danish fight between Rödekro-Aabenraa Håndbold and Skanderborg HB 1. The first mentioned team got a perfect start and was effective in front of the goal. They created themselves a three goal lead and were never really threatened by their opponents. Rödekro-Aabenraa Håndbold played a solid defensive game and was better than their countrygirls in the attacking. They extended the lead during the second half and took home the Partille Cup trophy for the second consecutive year. This is the third time this team has gone all the way to the final in the world’s largest handball tournament.
– It’s fun that we won Partille Cup again! We have a strong team and fight together through the games, says Malou Mikkelsen.
How are you going to celebrate the victory?
– We are going to eat at McDonalds, she says with a big smile.

G13: Rödovre HK – Handbalschool Brabant 11-9 (7-6)

Even in the G13 final we got a danish champion! The match between Rödovre HK and Handbalschool Brabant from the Netherlands became a tough story. The danes had a small lead by one goal at halftime and it was tight until the end. Rödovre HK claimed the win and put their hand on the Golden Hand Trophy trophy. Sasja Lindhardt Sörensen made several brilliant efforts in the final minutes. She was incredibly happy afterwards.
– It feels really good that we got the victory! We were the strongest team. Partille Cup is the best tournament in the world, says Sasja Lindhardt Sörensen.
How they will celebrate? They promise to have fun together all day!
– Now we’re going to party, says the Partille Cup champion.

G18: IK Sävehof 2 – Skanderborg HB 18-10 (8-4)

IK Sävehof took home the G21 final earlier today but did was not satisfied with that. They also wanted to win the G18 final. Several girls doubled and played two Partille Cup finals during the same day. IK Sävehof was the better team from start to finish and won by eight goals. Skanderborg HB did the best they could, but could not stop IK Sävehof. One of the lucky players who received two gold medals is Maria Rundcrantz.
– It is absolutely wonderful! I never thought we would win the G18 class, says, “Marre”, as the promising player is called.
She values the G18 title the most.
– There are so many teams in that class. It’s amazing that we managed to win. We showed so much fighting spirit throughout the tournament.
The IK Sävehof players will celebrate on Saturday night.
– First of all, we will go home and take a shower and become dry. Then we will party! says Maria Rundcrantz.

G16: Herning Ikast Håndbold – IK Sävehof 1 13-6 (7-2)

Herning Ikast Håndbold from Denmark played against IK Sävehof 1 in the G16 final and there was no question about which one was the better team. The danes immediately took the initiative and won by seven goals. Interesting is that it was the players from the legendary Partille Cup team Bording, who won the tournament four years in a row between 2015 and 2018, who participated in Herning Ikast Håndbold’s name and won.
– We play in different teams now. We haven’t played together for a year and went here and won the tournament. It’s amazing! says Sofie Simonsen.
She and her teammates have won the Partille Cup five years in a row.
– I rank this victory as the best, considering that we have not played together for so long. Now we should have fun together. It’s fun to meet everyone again, says Sofie Simonsen.

G14: AGF Håndbold 1 – Team Kisakallio 15-9 (6-3)

AGF Håndbold 1 from Denmark and Team Kisakallio from Finland faced each other in the final of the G14 class. The finnish team played good handball, but it was not enough. AGF Håndbold 1 won the Partille Cup for the second year in a row. The players formed a ring after the final whistle and celebrated the triumph together. The joy could not be missed.
– It feels awesome! We didn’t think that we were going to win the whole tournament, but when we reach the final we told each other that we would give everything we had. We fought very well, says a very happy Sofie Raundahl.
The big victory party will be hold at home in Denmark.
– Then we’ll celebrate with champagne! says the 14-year-old.

G15: Rödekro-Aabenraa Håndbold – Skanderborg HB 1 11-13 (5-8)

The two danish teams Rödekro-Aabenraa Håndbold and Skanderborg HB 1 played in the final of the largest girl class. The latter started strongly and led by three balls at the break. Skanderborg HB 1 scored some crucial goals when Rödekro-Aabenraa Håndbold came closer in the second half. At last, the difference between the teams were two goals. Skanderborg HB 1 became champions of the Partille Cup last year and now they did it again.
– I’m feeling very good! I’m extremely happy. We have good team spirit and fought really hard all the time, says Julie Mathiesen.
The Partille Cup title will be celebrated a lot.
– I’m tired, but very happy and just want to party now, says the danish talent.

They won the B finals:
G10: India Apeejay, India
G11: Vorup FB, Denmark
G12: H43 Lund 2, Sweden
G13: AEH LES Franqueses Del Vallès, Spain
G15: HSG Nordwest, Switzerland
G16: Rödekro-Aabenraa Håndbold, Denmark
G18: Nordstrand IF, Norway
G21: Villa Portare HC, Brazil

Text: Eric Nilsson
Photo: Fredrik Aremyr