We are the champions (Girls)

Here you can read about all the Partille Cup finals during the day.

G10: Kärra HF 1 – Kärra HF 2 8-6 (2-2)

The match between the two Kärra HF teams was tight and exciting. The final was tied at half time. The score was 2-2 then. Kärra HF 1 got a lead by a few goals in the second half and kept the distance to Kärra HF 2. Beautiful scenes occurred after the final whistle. Both teams cheered and they celebrated together. Noa Veteli is one of the year’s first Partille Cup champions. She did a good job in the final and delivered an important goal for her team Kärra HF 1.
– It feels great to win the Partille Cup. I did not think that we should win the final. We have won other tournaments before, but this is the first time we win the Partille Cup, says Noa Veteli cheerfully.
The fast player will enjoy the victory.
– I will celebrate with my family. We will watch the football game (Sweden-England), she says.

G21: IK Sävehof – Önnereds HK 17-13 (6-5)

The final between IK Sävehof and Önnereds HK in the oldest girls class offered many goals. IK Sävehof had a one goal lead in the break. The lead increased in the beginning of the second half. Önnereds HK came closer and closer before IK Sävehof speeded up again and extended their lead. When the final whistle sounded had IK Sävehof won with a four balls margin.
– It feels extremely good to win the Partille Cup! That’s something I’ve dreamed of doing. This is the first time I win the tournament. I have not even been close to win it before, says the talented IK Sävehof player Cajsa Sällström.
She liked the entertaining final.
– We were a little nervous at first, but in the second half it felt like we grabbed the match. We won because we were the better team in the final, says Cajsa Sällström.

G11: Skuru IK 1 – Rödekro IF 5-15 (3-7)

After two Swedish winners was it time for the first non-swedish team to win a girls class. The Danish side Rödekro IF completely dominated the G11 final. They controlled the game from start to finish and won with big numbers. Skuru IK 1 fought bravely but Rödekro IF was simply better than the Swedes this time. Rödekro IF led by four goals in the break and scored a lot of goals in the second half. The result in the final was at last 15-5 in favor of the Danes. Rödekro IF was awarded the trophy after a very good tournament.
– It’s very, very funny to win the Partille Cup! says Rödekro IF’s number two, Victoria Dark.
She is very pleased with how they played in the final and she is also pleased with the whole week in Gothenburg.
– We have a great team. That’s why we won the tournament, says Victoria Mörk.

G18: Randesund IL 2 – Skanderborg HB 1 22-17 (10-7)

Randesund IL 2 from Norway opened the G18 final in a great way and immediately got a safe lead. The Norwegians led over Skanderborg HB 1 from Denmark with 10-7 at half time. They had good control of the game in the second half. Randesund IL 2 took a safe and fair victory. One of the happiest players in the team was the playmaker Hanne Byklum.
– It feels great to be a champion! she says just before going up on the podium.
She knows why they won the final over Skanderborg HB 1.
– We had more powers left. We have very much energy in the team and another important thing is that we have a very good atmosphere on and off the field. We are having fun together, says Hanne Byklum.
How will you celebrate?
– First we’ll hug each other for a while, then we will see! says the Norwegian.

G12: Hjortshöj Egå IF – Da-Shin Elementary School 12-13 (5-5) after sudden death
Hjortshöj Egå IF from Denmark faced Da-Shin Elementary School from Chinese Taipei in the G12 final. It became a real nail-biter! The final had a high entertainment value and was incredibly tight. The game was tied both at half time and after full time. The sudden death could have gone either way. Both goalkeepers were amazing. But noone could stop Oliva Wu when she advanced with the ball and shot the winning goal. The players and leaders celebrated loudly after Da-Shin Elementary School became champions of Partille Cup 2018.
– It feels very good to win, of course! I’m proud and I think we have made our country proud, says Olivia Wu.
She has loved her time in Gothenburg from the first moment.
– It’s fun to be here and it’s a huge tournament. Now we will go home and celebrate with our families at home, says Da-Shin Elementary School’s match winner.

G13: Strandby-Elling IF – AGF Håndbold 1 10-12 (4-8)

The G13 final was a all danish meeting between Strandby-Elling IF and AGF Håndbold 1. AGF Håndbold 1 played nice handball in the first half and led with four goals when it was time for the break. Strandby-Elling IF reduced the distance in the second half, but AGF Håndbold 1 was stronger and won. The AGF players and leaders formed a big ring after the game. They danced around and sang in chorus.
–It’s very fun that we won! It’s actually the first time I’m here and we won the Partille Cup, so I’m happy right now. We will celebrate with lots of dance, says the champion Anna-Maria Christensen with a smile.
There have been many new experiences for her and her teammates during the week in Gothenburg.
– Everything is so big and it is so many people here. I like Gothenburg and Partille Cup, says AGF’s number ten.

G16: Rödekro IF – Lugi HF 1 14-11 (6-7)

The first half between Rödekro IF from Denmark and the Swedish team Lugi HF 1 was exciting. The Swedes led with one ball at half time, but Rödekro IF came back in the second half and turned the game around. Rödekro IF’s goalkeeper Marie Voss Petersen saved a penalty when the score was 13-10 to the Danes. That save secured the victory. Rödekro IF won their second Partille Cup final today. There were a lot of happy smiles among the danish players afterwards. They cheered in front of their parents and friends in the audience at Heden Arena.
– We have a very good team and we are fighting all the time. It feels very good to win the Partille Cup, says Sara Hamann.
The Rödekro IF player knows exactly how they will celebrate the win.
– With great food! says the Partille Cup winner.

G14: Helsingör IF – Skanderborg HB 9-14 (4-8)

Danish team Skanderborg HB impressed in the first half of the G14 final against the countrywomen in Helsingör IF. Skanderborg HB was effective in their offense, tricky in the passing game and shot fast. In the break they were in the lead with eight goals to fire. They won with five goals in the end. Skanderborg HB took revenge for the loss in the G18 class and took home the G14 class. They went undefeated through the tournament. They celebrated with their club companions in the B16 team, who also won the tournament, after the final.
– It feels great to win the Partille Cup. We have a strong team and we are always fighting. I’m glad that we won. We will celebrate with our loved ones, says the champion Clara Bang.

G15: Bording KFUM – Samara Region 13-10 (7-5)

It is perfectly justified to call Bording KFUM from Denmark for the queens of the Partille Cup. The same team has won the tournament in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and 2018. This year the Russian team Samara Region, who impressed much in this year’s edition of the Partille Cup, was defeated in the final. Samara Region made very good resistance, but the Danes finally won by three goals. The G15 girls in Bording KFUM are still unstoppable in the world’s largest handball tournament.
– It’s amazing to win this amazing tournament for the fourth consecutive year! We have won so many times because we have so many players that are good at different things, says Sofie Simonsen.
However, the team will not have the chance to win for five years in a row.
– This is our last year together, then everyone will change club, says Sofie Simonsen.

The B finals ended like this:
G10: Walshingham School – IK Sävehof 2 0-10 (wo)
G21: H43 Lund – BK Heid 18-8
G11: HK Aranäs 1 – HK Aranäs 3 3-7
G18: Lugi HF 2 – BK Ydun 18-14
G12: Lugi HF 2 – Torslanda HK 1 6-11
G13: Fjellhammer IL 2 – Kungälvs HK 2 8-9
G16: Huddinge HK – Spjelkavik/SIF/Hessa 17-8
G14: Lugi HF 1 – IK Sävehof 2 12-18
G15: Klaebu IL – Stockholmspolisens IF 9-19