We Care

The fund

Each year, several teams compete in the tournament with contributions from Partille Cup’s We Care Fundraising program. Teams that would otherwise not have had an opportunity to participate in the tournament. With the help of the project many more teams from less developed countries have the opportunity to participate and contribute to create – A World of Handball.

Gunnar Quist Memorial

Gunnar Quist, whose idea in 1962 was to start the world’s largest youth handball tournament, passed away in 2011. Partille Cup became and still is that meeting place for all young handball players in the world that Gunnar dreamed of.

In his memory Partille Cup started a fund with the aim to promote development of international youth handball and training, education, research and other similar and compatible activities within it. Scholarships may be awarded to leaders, players, national team activities, club team activities, referees, events etc.

Fund receivers

  • 2012: Erfan Bedair, Egypt
  • 2013: Ib Poulsen, Denmark
  • 2014: Barthold Budde, Germany
  • 2015: Kazimir Ilijas, Croatia
  • 2016: The Mascarenhas family and José Ricardo M Gianconi, Brazil
  • 2017: Sigurdur Gunnarsson, Iceland

Handball aid

With Handball AID, materials are recycled, at the right place. This way it will be used for the purpose of what the product was created. And that is a good thing.

Partille Cup is dedicated to making a smaller impact on our earth and among the people. Handball AID is one way to do it. We collect stuff that normally would be trash and give new life to it by giving it to people who needs it. Another way is making the tournament a meeting place that creates understanding and knowledge of different cultures and ways of living among the world’s young handball player

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