XXXVII Ordinary IHF Congress

The International Handball Association (IHF) Congress will take place in Gothenburg during Partille Cup next year.
The Congress is held every two years and brings together delegates from the handball nations of the world. In total – over 200 nations – are invited.
During the congress, motions and choices of appointments for different positions within IHF are discussed. The last time the congress was held in Sweden was in 1956.

The Swedish Handball Association, assigned to host the congress, and IHF have chosen to place the congress during Partille Cup.

– This shows the importance of Partille Cup in the handball world. The world’s largest handball tournament has during the last 50 years gathered over half a million players and leaders from 100 countries. The IHF congress will give the jubilee extra status. Furthermore Partille Cup can show the tournament for all 200 member countries and offer 400 delegates a congress in the ways of future and youth. Says Partille Cup Senior Advisor Stefan Albrechtson.

This will give the event an extra level. Particularly fun is that it will take place during the anniversary year, and delegates will be invited to the tournament’s other arrangements such as Opening Festival and the Leaders Party. Because of the jubilee the registration will be opened up for some record numbers. 1400 teams, 60 nations and 25,000 participants will be able to join in 2019.