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Together will we meet the world

There are more than 1000 crew members, doing their best to ensure our playing fields, hotels and schools maintain high quality and customer service. We will now open applications for internationals mainly living in Sweden.



Be a part of something bigger

Do you want to meet the world during a week of excitement, activities and many fun moments? Develop you leadership skills and get others to work together? Then you should apply, we and the team need you!

To be a Crew member
We are looking for you who are structured and thrives in a role of responsibility. Service is something you are particularly passionate about. In addition, you are cheerful and love to support and helt others.
We offer education so that you feel comfortable in your assignment.
If you haven't been with us previously we invite you for an interview.
We are happy to offer compensation, but there is so much more that you will take with you from being a part of the crew during Partille Cup.

Latest news

The latest news and updates about our crew members


Partille Cup is between 1-6 July 2024 (vecka 27).

Dates vary depending on the assignment. You will find details for the assignments under Available assignments "More info", next to the application button when we have published. For most of our assignments it's between 29th of June to 6th or 7th of July.

Application opens up in januari each year

The most important thing, apart from filling in your personal data correctly, is that you carefully read through which assignment(s) suit you best - and that you are of age. If you also give us a good presentation of yourself and why you want to be part of the Partille Cup Crew, that is an extra plus.

Email or call us at [email protected] or 031-340 07 90



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