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Society is facing several challenges, where we are now in the middle of the transition for a sustainable future. Partille World Cup is the world's largest tournament for youth handball. We are big enough to make a difference 

Our sustainability work

The Celebrate concept aims to concretely make it clear how everyone who takes part in the event can contribute to a more sustainable world. It is about how we act towards each other during the tournament, but also how we, participants, spectators and officials, act for the sake of the world around us.

During Partille World Cup, tens of thousands of young people, their accompanying adults and officials gather in Gothenburg. The Celebrate concept helps to get it right. And through our way of explaining and transparently developing sustainability work, we provide knowledge that they take home with them. In doing so, we not only influence the running of the tournament in a sustainable direction, but also how young people and adults around the world act in their everyday lives for the rest of the year.

The Planet

Celebrate the Planet gathers concrete projects where the Partille World Cup step by step reduces the negative climate and environmental impact that tens of thousands of participants entail. At the same time, we create as many ambassadors who learn to act correctly. For a more sustainable future.

The People

Meetings between people and cultures create understanding, knowledge and perspective. Within Celebrate the People, Partille World Cup clarifies how we concretely work to equip young people from all over the world on their way to becoming adults through lifelong memories.

The Game

Celebrate the Game is a collection of projects that the events drive to create a better environment for everyone, both on and off the field. The project consists of a series of sub-projects: Fair Play Trophy, Please Remember signs...

Sustainability Policy

Partille World Cup is the world's largest and most international soccer cup for youth. The event is a meeting place for the world's youth, regardless of religion, skin color or nationality, with football as the common denominator. This sustainability policy shows our ambitions and guides our work within the framework of what we have control over and are able to influence.

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