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Fair Play for a Better Environment On and Off the pitch

Fair Play, or the lack of Fair Play, is a problem in sports. Not least if it takes hold among young people, who must develop into both athletes and individuals. For Partille World Cup, the right attitudes are crucial. Celebrate the Game are collective projects that the event drives to create a better environment for everyone, both on and off the field.

To create an even better environment, Partille World Cup also has referee observers and match delegates. Everything to increase respect for Fair Play among participants, leaders, spectators, delegates and parents.

Please remember

Partille World Cup develops young people and gives them lifelong memories. It should be happy memories, where players, leaders and officials have received encouragement. That is why there are Please remember signs at all playing areas. They are short messages with messages such as "this is youth handball", "the referees are human", "the coaches are volunteers" and "the parents cheer for everyone". The aim is for the sign to help us remind each other of what is most important on and alongside our sports fields.

Match delegates

In order to maintain fair play during all matches, we believe it is important that there are always people on site to observe and report on what is happening on and off the pitch. During Partille World Cup, there are therefore match delegates in all playing areas. The match delegates are on hand to support players, managers, referees and officials and encourage everyone to act in the Celebrate the Game spirit.

Fair Play Trophy

Partille World Cup celebrates Fair play. To increase pride among the participants, we appoint the Fair Play Trophy. The teams that are nominated have shown a good performance during this year's tournament. And it is not only the participants and leaders who are judged. The team's supporters must also have contributed to a good atmosphere around the matches

Recipient of previous Fair Play awards

Fjellhammer IL, B13 – the whole team
Högni Dignus Mariuson, FH Hafnarfjördur B15
Mikkel Olsen Fjörtoft, Ramheim IL B15
Emilia Sundberg, Lugi HF G13

Tryst HC (club) Scotland, HBC Izegem B18 (team) Belgium, Minja Savic (player) Kolbotn 2 G15 Norway

HC Eynatten-Raeren B12 (BE), Torslanda HK B16 (SWE)



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