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Partille World Cup develops young people from all over the world

Meetings between people and cultures create understanding, knowledge and perspective. Within Celebrate the People, Partille World Cup clarifies how we concretely work to equip young people from all over the world on their way to becoming adults through lifelong memories.

In a world of conflicts, increased sedentary life and a more difficult path for young people to gain early experience of working life, we are a contrast. Partille World Cup is, in its international foundation, a place for friendship across borders. Through the foundation, our thousands of hours of movement and our volunteer program, we make a difference.

Partille World Cup Foundation

The conditions for practicing sport are unequal around the world. Where you were born should not prevent you from gaining lifelong experiences and developing through sports.

Partille World Cup is a meeting place for the world's children and youth regardless of social or cultural background, where handball is our common denominator.

The Foundation is a fund where we add resources that are then given to teams that come from resource-poor countries and thus have an opportunity to participate on the same terms as other teams.


There is a lack of summer jobs and other job opportunities that are young people's first step into the labor market. Thanks to the official role in the Partille World Cup, around 1 500 people in the Gothenburg region get a meaningful job during the tournament week. They get a resume and context, responsibility and, unlike volunteer-run events, some compensation.


Young people move too little, many studies show. At the same time, studies show that young people who play sports in an association are more physically active overall, sit less still and surf less on their phones, compared to those who are not active in associations.

During the Partille World Cup 2023, the matches contributed to 33 525 hours of movement for young people from all over the world.

Partille World Cup contributes to experiences of a lifetime and thus likely to young people wanting to continue their sport for longer, an important factor in a more active lifestyle that lasts a lifetime.

Handboll for All

Handball must be accessible to everyone, regardless of background and conditions. Everyone should be able to participate and be offered an opportunity to play handball based on their conditions. Handball for All class offers young people with some form of intellectual disability an opportunity to participate in Partille World Cup. The love of sport is the common denominator for all of us.



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