Tournament regulations


IK Sävehof organizes Partille Cup.


Partille Cup is played according to the IHF rules and SHF regulations. The English text is valid in interpretation issues.

Exceptions and/or clarifications to these rules will follow from § 3 and below. 

  • Rule 4:1 paragraph. Rules 4:4-5-6-7, “Goalkeeper as a court player”
    Partille Cup is played according to the paragraphs in all age classes.

  • Rule 4:11, paragraph 1. “In case of an injury”
    Rule is not applicable in Partille Cup.

  • Rule 7:11-12, “Passive play (max. 6 passes)”
    Partille Cup is played according to the paragraphs in all age classes.

  • Rule 16:8, “Blue card”
    Partille Cup is played according to the paragraph in all age classes.


Main Round
The teams are divided into groups of six to eight teams where all play against each other on Tuesday-Thursday. 

The order of involved teams are be decided by:

  1. Points

  2. Points (head to head)

  3. Difference in goals (head to head) 

  4. Goals scored (head to head)

  5. Drawing of lots

Final Round
The three best teams in each six-seven-team group and the four best teams in each eight-team group qualify to the A-final round. The rest of the teams in the group qualify to the B-final round. The Final Round takes place on Friday and Saturday and are played according to a cup model, win or lose. At a draw there will be extra time (sudden death) where the first goal scored gives the win. The extra time starts after flipping the coin in the middle of the field.


The following age classes play in Partille Cup (B = boys, G = girls). Register in the age class that is valid for your team the summer 2022:

B21- Boys born 1/1 2001 and later
B18- Boys born 1/1 2004 and later
B16- Boys born 1/1 2006 and later
B15- Boys born 1/1 2007 and later
B14- Boys born 1/1 2008 and later
B13- Boys born 1/1 2009 and later
B12- Boys born 1/1 2010 and later
B11- Boys born 1/1 2011 and later
B10- Boys born 1/1 2012 and later

G21- Girls born 1/1 2001 and later
G18- Girls born 1/1 2004 and later
G16- Girls born 1/1 2006 and later
G15- Girls born 1/1 2007 and later
G14- Girls born 1/1 2008 and later
G13- Girls born 1/1 2009 and later
G12- Girls born 1/1 2010 and later
G11- Girls born 1/1 2011 and later
G10- Girls born 1/1 2012 and later


A team may use a maximum of 17 players per game. You may use the same player from a club in various teams but NOT in the same age category. 


All categories play 2 x 15 minutes.
However, in the Final Round B21, G21, B18 and G18 play 2 x 20 minutes.


Team list
Before your first game you must fill in the Team List, on My Team Info. The Team List is valid for the entire tournament (can be supplemented during the week). Teams that have not filled in the Team List before their second game will be excluded from the tournament. All the participants on the list are considered as a participant in the tournament. Random age controls will be carried out during the tournament. The team leader/s must leave a phone number the Team List where the team has to be contacted during the tournament. 

Match set
If two teams have the same color on the match set the away team has to change.


  • All teams have to be ready and dressed at the field, 15 minutes before the trough-off.

  • It is allowed to use glue in the matches during Partille Cup.

  • The home team has the ball at the start of the game

  • Team cannot request team time out. No time out at 7 metres throws.

  • A team that leaves the playing field during a match is disqualified from the tournament.

  • It is recommended to use shoes for soccer on all artificial grass fields.

  • It’s not allowed to use shoes with metalic studs.

  • It is not allowed to wear dishwasher gloves during matches, as it is not part of the game dress or the equipment used when playing handball.

  • After the match, each team leader must sign the match protocol.

  • A player who gets a direct red card will be automatically suspended for the next game. The teamleader will be responsible for following upp.

  • Each team is responsible for it’s own supporter’s behaviour.

  • If there is a result board at the playing-field the home team is responsible that the ongoing result is shown correctly (unofficial).

The home team has to bring a correct size and authorized ball to the match. If both teams agree another ball size may be used.
It is allowed to use three balls in every game. The referee must authorize them all. The two balls not being used have to be placed on the ground next to each goal.

The classes B21 and B18: Ball size 58–60 cm, weight 425–475 g 
(IHF size 3)

The classes G21, G18, G16-15 and B16-13:  Ball size 54–56 cm, weight 325–375 g
(IHF size 2)

The classes G14-13: Ball size 50–52 cm, weight 290–330 g
(IHF size 1)

The classes B/G 12-10 (resin free classes): Ball size 46-50 cm, weight 250-300 g
(Size 0 according to Swedish Handball Federation)


All players have to show age identification (official passport) if the tournament technical committee asks for it. If a team uses an unqualified player they will be excluded from the tournament.


Teams with overaged player that lack approval from, will participate out of competition. The team’s result will be set to 0-10 In every game. Teams playing with overaged player must report this to, including supporting team roster from the past season. Teams playing with mixed boys or girls team must report this to before their first current match.


More than 300 referees from 30 countries are participating.  All final games in the tournament will have a secretariat with about 10 referee officials in total.


The tournament jury is composed of representatives from different countries. The jury decides protests and penalties. The jury’s rulings cannot be changed or overruled.


Protests must be notified within 15 minutes to the competition secretariat on the playing fields after the actual game is finished. Then within 60 minutes the protest must be handed in to the Competition Committee at Heden Center, by the team manager. The protest fee (500 SEK ) has to be paid at the same time. It will be returned if the protest is accepted. A player who gets a direct red card will be automatically suspended for the next game.


A team that does not show up without a legitimate reason will lose the game with 10-0. If this happens more than once, the team may be excluded from the tournament. If there are compelling reasons the jury can exclude a team on the first offence. For example if a deliberate walk over benefits the own or another team in the group. The Competition Committee has the right to re-schedule WO match.


The playing fields are divided in the following areas: Heden, Kviberg, Härlanda Park, Ruddalen and Valhalla IP. If there is bad weather games can be moved to other fields.


The competition committee has the right to make changes in groups, times and playing fields. Any changes to the schedule may occur without contact with the teams until 24 hours before the start of the match. Should changes be made within a shorter time frame the team leaders concerned will be informed via phone and mail. Keep your team updated with the schedule online via our mobile app and website.


Results will continuously be updated on our website and mobile apps.


We expect all participants to respect each other, audience as well as residents and thereby act according to sportsmanship and Fairplay both on and outside the fields. Our policy document “Health, safety and security” is created as a guideline contributing to a pleasant stay during the event (can be found in the bottom of this section).


  • Participants staying at schools or hotels should keep themselves informed of the local rules and regulations at their accommodation

  • Local fire regulations at each accommodation are to be followed

Please note!
By breaking our code of conduct or acting in violence with sportsmanship one risk disqualification and/or expulsion from the lodgings. Violations and measures will be treated by the Competition management.


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