Agreement for overseas referees 2022 - Partille Cup

Agreement for overseas referees 2022

Agreement for overseas referees 2022

Agreement for overseas referees 2022

You are welcome to apply as a referee at the world’s largest youth handball tournament! 

We have been collaborating with referees from all over the world for many years, this is a unique chance to be a referee at an international handball tournament played at so many levels.

 Partille Cup 2022 is played July 4-9th.


All matches 

2x15 min 

90 kr/match

In the play-offs, B/G18 & B/G21

2x20 min 

120 kr/match

Travel expenses            
Referees may travel to Partille Cup at their own expense. Local transportation will be offered within Gothenburg, Mölndal and Partille with the Partille Cup Pass Referee.

If you arrive to Landvetter Airport, the best way to get to the city centre is with the flight bus. You are responsible for transfer to and from the referee school or other accommodation.

We broadcast all matches live from Partille Cup. This way, any person can follow your matches from anywhere in the world. The live score is kept by a match secretary. Nevertheless, you as referees remain responsible for official match time and match score as well as for tracking of suspensions (2-minutes).

After each match all referees must report their referee number to the match secretary. The referee number is required for your payment.

Referee equipment
All referees must bring the necessary referee equipment to each match by themselves.

Partille Cup Pass Referee
Except from the commission, we also offer:

·       Experience
·       15 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
·       Entry to the opening ceremony
·       Entry to the finals
·       Referee gathering
·       Free rides with the local transportations 

Referees who travel to Gothenburg can book one of the accommodation options below:

Referee school for five nights

Free of charge

Referee hotel, single room

650 SEK/day

You book the accommodation when you send in your referee application via Partille Cup’s website.

Referee school
All referees stay in a classroom. A mattress, sheets, pillow, and a blanket are included. The school is made available by the municipalities and their rules of conduct are binding for our referees. Violation of rules may result in but is not limited to removal from the school.

To apply for Partille Cup as a referee, please file your application to us via Partille Cup’s website. Each referee must file their own application. Last day to apply is April 1st, 2022.

The selection process features three rounds:

Selection 1: Middle of March (majority of the referees) 
Selection 2: Middle of April
Selection 3: May/June – stand-by referees or replacements for withdrawn applicants

Project leader
Project leader for the referees is Kolja Scepanik. Kolja is responsible for the recruitment of referees and for assigning matches to the referees. You can contact Kolja at (English, German, and Swedish).

Selection criteria for referees

You must be at least 16 years old.

You must be an authorized and approved referee by you handball district.

You must have passed your handball district’s established requirements for 2022

You must have a few years’ experience being a handball referee. In your application you must state, which age classes you are usually officiating.

Referee meeting:
You must attend one of the mandatory referee meetings on Monday, July 4th. More information will be sent to all accepted referees closer to the tournament.

Payment of commission
The match card, where you enter you referee number is the basis for you commission. The commission will be paid two weeks after the tournament, provided that all details are correct (match card, referee number and banking details). 

General information
During Partille Cup, referee pairs are assigned to about 5000 matches. Everyone who gets selected to be a referee at Partille Cup will mostly be a referee from Tuesday to Friday. On the Saturday, there is a limited number of matches. We strive to let every referee get six to eight matches a day and two matches consecutive.

Referee assignments will be published on an ongoing basis during the tournament. Referees for the finals will be selected during the tournament week.

Partille Cup Crew – Your administrative page
As a referee at Partille Cup you will have your own personal log in to Partille Cup Crew. This is a website where you can update your profile, see your commission, find important information about being a referee and complete the digital education.

At the menu with your name, you find “My profile” – it is very important that you update your information here. It is your responsibility that your contact and banking details are correct. 

If you have any questions, that you can’t find the answers to at or website, please contact the project leader Kolja Scepanik at

Download the agreement - Click here


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