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FAQ - Referees

FAQ - Referees

FAQ - Referees

When is Partille Cup 2024 played?

Partille Cup is played 1-6 July (week 27).

When does the assignment begin?

Everyone who is selected to referee during Partille Cup starts with the obligatory referee meeting which falls on the day before the matches start, 1st July. After that, most of the games you ref are between Tuesday through Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, the number of matches is limited as there are finals. Final referees are selected during the Partille Cup week.

When can you apply to become a referee?

We open the applications at the end of January and as the referees fill up, we take down the assignments from the website.

What is required to apply as a referee?

To be allowed to referee during the Partille Cup, you must be 16 years old, authorized and approved referee in one of your country's Handball Associations. You must have passed your district's established requirements for 2024.

You should have a few years of experience in refereeing handball, preferably at the district level.

How many referees will ref in Partille Cup?

We have not yet set a definitive figure, but we estimate the need for about 250-300 for the upcoming tournament.

Do I receive a fee as a referee?

Except loads of experiences, you will receive a payment for your games, a Partille Cup pass for local transport and meals and free accommodation if chosen at a referee school. Furthermore you will have the exclusive Partille Cup Referee T-shirt.

The match fee is SEK 90 per 2 × 15 minute match and SEK 120 per 2 × 20 minute match.

How are we accommodated?

All referees stay at a school free of charge. There are possibilities to stay at hotel if wanted, but referees themselves will pay for this. All referees will get a matress, sheet, blanket and pillow at the school.

You choose the accommodation when you send in your referee application via Partille Cup’s website. Let us know early if you want to book double room.
Note: The Referee School (Club House) is available from Sunday – Sunday

Is transfer from and to the Landvetter Airport included?

No, we recommend you to take the airport shuttle bus if you come by air, and the tram or local bus if you arrive by train or bus. 

Where do you eat during the tournament?

Breakfast takes place at the school where the referees live, lunch and dinner take place at the central school, or possibly out on the playing field Kviberg.

How will I know if I am selected?

The selection process features three rounds:

Selection 1: Middle of March (majority of the referees) 
Selection 2: Middle of April
Selection 3: May/June – stand-by referees or replacements for withdrawn applicants

How do you elect the referees?

We go by experience and level of knowledge in the first place, then we look at experience from the tournament and how much representation your country has in the number of participants.

How is the compensation paid?

The contribution for referring in the tournament will be transferred to your bank account after the tournament in Swedish kronas, that is why it is of utter importance that you register the right bank details from the beginning. IBAN and TIN-Number included. We also require a copy of your passport and that you fill in the form from Swedish Tax agency. (Email us about this file or pick ut up during Partille Cup. However, the sooner we got it, the quicker you receive your money).

In which categories can you apply?

State, region or district. If you are uncertain about which category you refer, please contact your local handball association. We can make random controls so therefore it is crucial to be register the right category.

What do I need to bring when it comes to equipment?

All necessary referee equipment is brought by each referee.

Are there possibilities to stay extra nights?

It is not guaranteed, but if the interest is large enough we can arrange accommodation at the referee school for free during one day extra

Where and on what surface are the matches played?

All games are played on artificial grass in central Gothenburg.

How can I contact you?

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected] and we will help you.



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