18 brazilian teams live at the same school: "It's very beautiful in Gothenburg" - Partille Cup
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18 brazilian teams live at the same school: "It's very beautiful in Gothenburg"

18 brazilian teams participates in the Partille Cup and all live in the same school.

18 teams from the brazilian clubs BRH, E.C Pinheiros, Herkules, Helvetia and Recreio da Juventude live at Schillerska gymnasiet, which during the week is better known as "The brazilian school".

The brazilian teams were affected by the air strike and were delayed on their trip to Gothenburg. But they don't cry because of that. Instead they do their best to experience as much as they can during the week. The teams have gone sightseeing in Gothenburg and some of the teams also had time for a trip to Oslo in Norway before the tournament started today. The atmosphere at Schillerska gymnasiet can't be complained about.
– They're so active and they're out doing things all the time, says school host Joakim Björklund, who has helped the team with a lot of different things.

When we meet E.C Pinheiro's B16 team at Kviberg, they only have a lot to say about the stay so far.
– We absolutely like the Partille Cup. I like the structure of the tournament and our school is great. It's fun that all brazilian teams live in the same school. We know them since before and we're friends. It's very fun, says Lucas Broca.
He does not care so much about the fact that the journey was long.
– The flight took nine hours and then we were delayed, but it was great when we came here. It's very beautiful in Gothenburg. There are people from so many countries here. I've never seen it before. It's a big handball party, says the teenager.
He is confident that the team can perform well during the week.
– I think that we can win two matches during the tournament. That is our goal! says Lucas Broca.

We say welcome to the Partille Cup to all the brazilian teams!


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