7 Drops/WAT Atzgersdorf winners of best outfit - Partille Cup
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7 Drops/WAT Atzgersdorf winners of best outfit

The prize for best outfit during the opening ceremony yesterday has now been awarded to a happy Austrian team.

7 Drops/WAT Atzgersdorf’s G15 team has won Partille Cup’s prize for best outfit during the opening ceremony. The Austrians win free participation, with accommodation included, for up to 15 people at Partille Cup next summer.
– I definitely will be here again next year, says the player Cili Magyar.

The girls in 7 Drops/WAT Atzgersdorf was very happy when we surprised the team with the good news. They started singing ”Partille Cup” and dancing.
– It’s a great opportunity and I’m very excited about it. Of course the whole team is very happy to be able to participate for free next year. It’s only been two days but we’re already enjoying it very much. We can’t wait to come here again. Thank you so much for this, Partille Cup, says Cili Magyar with a wide smile.
The team had nice, Austrian costumes at the opening ceremony and the girls really enjoyed the evening in Scandinavium, together with over 11 500 other people.
– We’re very happy about our costumes. It was so much fun at the opening ceremony. We will never forget it, says the 15-year-old.

They like everything about Partille Cup and has a great time in Gothenburg dispute the rainy weather.
– It’s so much fun to play outside and not indoors. Everyone just loves it. It’s very nice to be outside and have fresh air, says Cili Magyar.

Congratulations and we’re looking forward to see you again next summer, 7 Drops/WAT Atzgersdorf!



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