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Al Sadd Club from Morocco: "The donations helped us to advance"

Al Sadd Club has been helped by donations through Partille World Cup Foundation over the years. They’re very grateful for the support.

In July 2019, they received clothes from Partille World Cup and our partner Hummel.
– As for the donations that we received in 2019, which included a package of the Swedish national team jerseys and other ones provided by your partner Hummel, they were used during the past two seasons and contributed greatly to motivating the players from the women’s and men’s teams and raising their resolve during the various sports competitions in which they participated, says Mohammed El Boukili from Al Sadd Club.

Al Sadd Club is constantly developing regardless of all the financial and daily challenges they face.
– We will not allow them to discourage us or hold us back from moving forward, because we believe in our project. We have ambitions and we also have friends who support and encourage us from inside and outside Morocco. Therefore, we'd like to express to you, on behalf of all the components of Al Sadd Club, our gratitude for the numerous donations and unconditional contributions you have made in support of our club since 2016. Thank you for everything you have done for our club. Your generosity has truly contributed to encouraging many children and youth in Tétouan to learn and practice handball over the past years, says Mohammed El Boukili.
He adds:
– The various donations have actually helped us to advance the work of our club. Without this generosity, we would probably have had to spend a large amount of money on what you donated. These were saved dirhams (the currency of Morocco) which we also used to encourage more and more young people – especially girls – to practice handball in the commune of Tétouan and its suburbs. We’re looking forward to visiting Gothenburg again, he says.



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