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All you need to know about Partille Cup 2023

There are now not many weeks left before Partille Cup 2023 kicks off.

Below we have compiled everything you need to know for this year's edition of the tournament.

Since the start back in 1970, approximately 521 500 participants from 97 countries have taken part in the tournament. This year will 1 207 teams from 36 nations participate. A nation that previously never participated is new for this year: Cape Verde.

Gothenburg hosts approximately 21 500 players and leaders during this year's Partille Cup week in Gothenburg. Most matches will mainly be played at Heden and Kviberg, while the European Open Championship is played at Valhalla Sporthall, with the final at Scandinavium.

Of the approximately 4 500 matches played during Partille Cup, 2 500, from 40 pitches, will be broadcast live on the Partille Cup app. The matches are recorded with AI cameras.

Around 1 500 officials will ensure the quality of the tournament meanwhile 250 referee from 20 nations will do their best to ensure Fair Play. All crew members have the goal of giving visitors memories to last a lifetime.

Highlights of the week:

Monday, July 3:
The big arrival day. The day when most players and managers participating in Partille Cup arrive in Gothenburg. Heden Center opens.

European Open Championship starts their first matches at Valhalla Sportshall and Lundenhallen.

Minihandball will have their day at Heden.

Tuesday, July 4:
The first matches are played in the tournament.

The Opening Ceremony, at 20.00 in Scandinavium. We start letting people in at 18.30. All visitors are asked to be there in good time.

Wednesday, July 5:
The group stage continues.

Thursday, July 6:
Continued group stage.
Handball for All plays at Heden Arena in the evening.

The Leaders Party starting at 19.00 in Scandinavium.
Including the Hall of Fame prize award.

Friday, July 7:
The playoffs begin. Placement matches and final of the European Open Championship in Scandinavium. The final match will be held at 20.30.

Saturday, July 8:
Final day with matches at Heden Arena, 9.00–17.30.

A-finals at Heden Arena 1 and 2
B-finals at Heden Arena 3 and 5

FACTS: Partille Cup 2023
Participating teams: 1 207 teams.
Number of participants (players plus leaders): 21 500 people.
Nations: 36 nations.
New nation 2023: Cape Verde.
Participants since the start in 1970: Approximately 521 500 participants.
Nations since the start of the tournament in 1970: 97 nations.
Fields: 71 fields.
New playing field area for 2023: Härlanda (back after there were no games there last year).
Number of matches: approximately 4,500 matches.
Schools: 40 schools.
Hotels: 16 hotels.
Live streamed matches: around 2,500 matches from around 40 pitches.
Boys/girls: 49/51 percent.
Number of officials: about 1 500 people.
Number of Referees: 250 from 20 different nations.
Official Partners: GB Glace, NEH, Toyota Center Gothenburg, Liseberg, Kopparbergs Bryggeri, Hummel, Tre.



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