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Bengals lit up Serneke Arena - every time they scored

The Bengali side Sunnydale have teams in both the B12- and G12-class, and they always show up tho support each other.

During Wednesday afternoon, the Bengali B12 team, Sunnydale, faced Swedish team Lugi HF 1 on the indoor grass pitches at Serneke Arena. Every time the team scored a goal, an enthusiastic group of supporters illuminated the entire sideline. No fireworks were needed; instead, the supporters' section consisted of real bengals - the G12 girls' team from the same club.

Lugi proved to be tough opponents, and the match ended with a 20-6 victory for the Swedes. Despite the defeat, cheerful representatives from Sunnydale greeted us after the final whistle. They had celebrated six goals and cherished every moment.
– I am very proud of the team. The opposing team was strong, but we played our best. Just being here is a great experience for all handball players," says Muhammad Zaman, 11.

On the sidelines it was evident that Sunnydale's girls' team, present to support their club teammates in the boys' class, also were proud. Aunrinee Hasan, 12, cheered devotedly for her friends from her spot under the large Bengali flag waving in the stands throughout the entire match.
– It was incredibly fun when they scored, the boys played well. We are so happy to be here. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Sunnydale, which is also the name of the school the teams come from, has made it a tradition to travel to the Partille Cup every summer. Md Salim Mla, the team's coach, is glad to be back.
– This is the fifth time we're here. It's a fantastic experience for the players to travel here and compete.



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