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Club Italiano from Chile has arrived

Club Italiano from Chile has arrived to Gothenburg after a trip that took two days (!). – We are very tired but also very excited, says Sebastian Araya, leader and physiotherapist for the team.

We met the team when they checked in at the school in Kålltorp in Gothenburg.
– We are very grateful, emotional and excited to be here, says Sebastian Araya.
They started the trip two days ago.
– It’s been a long trip, a different experience for us. We started in Santiago and landed in Gothenburg this morning. We are so tired and hungry. We are going to eat and sleep a lot! But we are excited at the same time. This is very important for our handball, he says.

They compete in the Boys 16 category.
– We have never been here before. Club Italiano has participated before, but not this team. We are excited to see Gothenburg and the country. We don’t know much about Sweden yet, but we will of course learn more. Maybe we are going to Liseberg, the amusement park. We need to make a plan! says Sebastian Araya.
He believes in the team.
– I think we can win games. It’s going to be hard, we know that. But we also know that we are a good team from Chile. Club Italiano has been winning this tournament, so why not win again?
After some sleep, they can not wait to see what Partille Cup and Gothenburg has to offer.
– We will enjoy every day. This is an unique experience. It will prepare the boys for the future.
Sebastian works with the youth national team in the same age group as well.
– A tall boy in this team plays with the national team.
After Partille Cup they will travel to Denmark to play in another tournament. But first they will get a fantastic experience at the Partille Cup!

Eric Nilsson



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