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Discover Gothenburg - Places to eat

Gothenburg is a great city for the food lover. There are plenty of cozy cafes, where you can enjoy a traditional Swedish fika. The cafes serve all kinds of pastries as well as both hot and cold beverages. Many cafes also offer lighter dishes. The restaurant selection is not inferior to that, in Gothenburg there is something for all tastes.

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In Gothenburg there are many cozy cafes and great restaurants for all tastes. At most Swedish street food kitchens, you can eat the Gothenburg classic "Halv special", which is a hot dog with a bun and mashed potatoes - do not miss the shrimp salad on top, it's the icing on the cake, or the sausage on the mash as we say in Gothenburg. Along Rosenlundskajen you'll find one of Gothenburg's most popular sights, Feskekôrka, on the opposite side of the street you'll find several nice restaurants with flavors from France, Korea and Mexico. Inside the moat, among many others, the historic and popular patisserie Ahlströms is located, a classic patisserie that has existed since 1901.

Haga and Linnéstaden

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In the cozy district of Haga, which is one of Gothenburg's oldest districts you can stroll among the governor's houses that are typical for the city. On the pedestrian streets in the district the little shops are located alongside the cafes and restaurants. Take the opportunity to eat the classic Haga bun, a cinnamon bun as big as a dinner plate, which is available at Café Husaren in the middle of Haga. The district is within walking distance from central Gothenburg, but if you want to take public transportations, you get off at either Hagakyrkan or Järntorget. From Järntorget you can also take a walk along Linnégatan, a street full of life. Here, there are eateries and shops all the way up to Linnéplatsen.

Avenyn - Gothenburg's Parade Street

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Along the entire Kungsportsavenyn, usually called Avenyn, from the bridge at Vallgraven to Götaplatsen there are many popular restaurants for all different tastes. Here you'll find everything from fine restaurants to classic hamburger bars, pubs and fast food restaurants. In summer, the outdoor seats are filled with guests. During the week you should take a coffee at Eva's Paley, which is one of Gothenburg's most classic cafes. Also do not miss the cross and parallel streets to Avenyn, here too there are many great places for dinner and coffee. Within walking distance from Avenyn in the direction of Liseberg is the hotel Gothia Towers and the restaurant Heaven 23, here you can enjoy one of Gothenburg's signature dishes, Räkmackan (Swedish shrimp sandwich).

Eriksberg and Lindholmen

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At Norra Älvstranden on Hisingen you can stroll along the dock, this area that used to be a shipyard has been rebuilt and now there are plenty of restaurants and cafes here. After a good meal, you can walk on to Lindholmen Science Park and from here you can take the ferry across the river to Stenpiren or Lilla Bommen to get back to the city center.


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