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Discover Gothenburg - Slottskogen and Gothenburg botanical garden

In the spring you will be able to read about different destinations to visit in Gothenburg, maybe you will find a new favorite to visit this summer. First out is Slottskogen and Gothenburg Botanical Garden, two popular destinations to visit for those interested in animals and nature.

Slottskogen and Gothenburg's botanical garden offer experiences for both children and adults, with wonderful walks, playgrounds, museums and beautiful plants, there is something for everyone. The two parks are located next to each other and you can easily get here by bus or tram to the stops Linnéplatsen or Botaniska trädgården.


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Slottskogen is one of the largest and oldest parks in Gothenburg, with natural forest, park areas and a zoo. Here you can see the seals at Säldammen and elks or other Nordic animals up on the hill. At the Barnens zoo, children can pet piglets and goats, here you can also go pony riding. For the younger children, there is the popular playground called Plikta near the Natural History Museum. The Natural History Museum is popular among both children and adults, showing the history of the earth and the development of life. Here you can see all the Nordic bird species, the world's only mounted blue whale, dinosaur skeletons, fossils and corals. The museum also has a café that serves lunch and coffee.

In Slottskogen there are plenty of beautiful places for picnics, why not have lunch in the beautiful Azaleadalen. There are also several cafés serving food, coffee, pastries and ice cream, including the popular café and restaurant Villa Belparc located by Stora dammen.

Gothenburg botanical garden

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The Gothenburg Botanical Garden is one of the largest in Europe. The park is located on the other side of the road from Slottskogen and next to the nature reserve, Änggårdsbergen. In the botanical garden there are about 16,000 species, in both plantations and natural areas. Take a walk in the garden and enjoy the beautiful plants and plantings. There is also a café, shop and exhibitions.

From the viewpoint, Håberget which is located at the highest point of the park, you will see Slottskogen, Linnéstaden, Änggårdsbergen and the fortress, Gamla Älvsborgs Fästning - on a nice day you can see far out over the sea.

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