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Fair Play Trophy - an honorary award

The Fair Play project Celebrate the Game ensures that everyone involved feels good during the tournament. The teams that behave in terms of fair play also have a chance to win a nice prize.

Fair Play Trophy is awarded to teams that have shown fair play in true Celebrate the Game spirit. Fair Play Trophy is a truly honorable award that you should be proud to win.

Anyone who has acted in accordance with the spirit of Celebrate the Game has the chance to be nominated for Fair Play Trophy, which is an award that goes to those who have most distinguished themselves in accordance with what Celebrate the Game stands for.

Partille Cup's referees and match delegates nominate teams for this award. Then a jury selects the teams that will receive Fair Play Trophy. This is a prize that has no limit on the number of winners. To be nominated, the team must have shown evidence of good behavior during the tournament. During the entire tournament, players and coaches must have acted in an exemplary manner towards opponents as well as referees and other Crew Members. It's also a plus if the team's supporters stand out in a positive way.

Last year, Belgian HC Eynatten-Raeren's B12 team and Torslanda HK's B16 team were awarded Fair Play Trophy.



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