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Giza from Egypt spreads joy: "Partille Cup is famous for us"

New Giza Handball Academy has travelled all the way from Egypt to participate in the Partille Cup - and they love every second.

Egypt has grown a lot as a handball nation during the last decade. And Partille Cup has a part in the development according to coach Mohtady Fayoumy.
– Partille Cup is famous for us, he says.

Going from Giza to Gothenburg isn't a short trip. But the players in New Giza Handball Academy's B11 team definitely think that the Partille Cup is worth the trip.
– It's the first time I'm here with this club. I have been here twice before with another club called Gezira Club, says coach Mohtady Fayoumy when we meet the team at Kviberg.

He believes that the players will grow from this experience.
– Of course we like it here. It's very good for everyone here. The young people learn a lot and form friendships. My players are very excited because this is the first time they are here. I think we will come back here many more times! We will come back next year and the year after that, he says.
They play in the B11 class, but many players are even younger than eleven years old.
– We participate in the B11 class, but many are only eight or nine years old, so we have a young team.

Partille Cup has a good reputation in Egypt.
– It's a very good tournament. Many countries are here and the Partille Cup is famous for us.
Mohtady Fayoumy thinks that Egypt has taken great steps forward as a handball nation.
– Handball in Egypt is different now. Now we have many teams and the national team is good.
The young boys also long for this evening's opening ceremony.
– Yes, the boys are really looking forward to the opening ceremony!

They lost the opening match against Lugi, but wasn't too disappointed afterwards.
– We will play handball in several places. Our focus is to let the kids have fun and learn more handball skills and make friends. Now we took a group photo with the swedish team. This is a big handball party, says Mohtady Fayoumy.


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