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Handball for everyone - a success: "It was really fun"

In the class Handball for everyone, all players can participate regardless of conditions. On Thursday, three matches were played at Heden.

Handball for everyone was a success at Heden. The main stand was almost full when IK Sävehof and Önnereds HK played.

IK Sävehof against Önnereds HK was watched by many spectators and the players offered good games and nice goals. In the end, IK Sävehof won the match 11-8.
– It was very fun to play. It was fun to play with my friends, says Niklas Carolusson in Önnereds HK.
But he actually belongs to IK Sävehof.
– I was loaned to Önnereds HK because they had few players. Usually, I train with IK Sävehof once a week. We train on Wednesdays.
How was the match, you think?
– Our passes wasn't the best. But it was fun to meet my teammates, says Niklas Carolusson.

Camilla Andersson is the leader of IK Sävehof's Handball for everyone team, which consists of just over 30 players between the ages of eight and 34. In the Partille Cup, three teams participate in the class Handball for everyone; IK Sävehof 1, IK Sävehof 2 and Önnereds HK.
– I wish that more teams would be in the Handball for everyone class, but it's fun that Önnereds HK is participating now. The great thing about Handball for everyone is that everyone can participate, regardless of disability or functional variation. Between 20 and 30 clubs in Sweden have Handball for everyone. All clubs should have a team, says Camilla Andersson.
She's very happy to be able to train the team.
– The most fun thing is to see the joy, the friendship and how the players help each other, says the coach.

Recently, the team received happy news.
– In the autumn, we will start playing matches. There will be two weekends with games in the autumn and two in the spring. It's a victory for the teams, says Camilla Andersson.



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