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Hjortshöj-Egå IF is the biggest foreign club right now

The Danish club is going all-in on the Partille Cup 2023.

Hjortshöj-Egå IF has experienced a record high interest for this summer's edition of the Partille Cup. They have registered a total of 19 teams. Thanks to that, they're currently the biggest foreign club in the Partille Cup 2023.

Jeanette Neergaard in Hjortshöj-Egå IF is almost shocked by the magical interest that prevails in the classic Partille Cup club, which has won the tournament many times in different age categories.
– The interest for the Partille Cup is great in our club. I know there is a lot of interest in the Partille Cup but I didn't think there would be this much interest, so I'm surprised that 19 teams have signed up. It will be a record for us this year. We usually have around 14 teams, says the coordinator.
How does it feel to be the biggest foreign club in the Partille Cup 2023 right now?
– It's fantastic to be the biggest foreign club. There may be a few more teams on the way! says Jeanette Neergaard.

Currently, they have registered eleven girls' teams and eight boys' teams. But there could be even more. She explains why Hjortshöj-Egå IF loves the world's biggest youth handball tournament so much.
– It's a great experience to witness when an entire city turns into a handball party with many handball fields at the same place. If you are so lucky that teams plays at the same place, you can also watch your club mates play. It provides really good atmosphere for the whole club, says Jeanette Neergaard.

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