HSG Nordwest has been unstoppable - Partille Cup
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HSG Nordwest has been unstoppable

The Swiss side has impressed in the group stage

HSG Nordwest B14 has taken Partille Cup by storm. So far, they have won every single match, but they are far from finished.
- We think we can keep winning the matches, says Mikka Winkler, a Nordwest player.

The Swiss team has completed the group stage in the best way possible, by winning all of the matches they have played.
- We have played well. I think we could improve in some areas, but we have won the matches and had fun, so I am happy, Mikka says.

Mikka Winkler has a big passion for Handball, and for him, there is no place in the world he would rather be than Partille Cup.
- It is a fantastic sport and I love it. When I play it I feel good and it is nice to come to a place where so many shares the happiness with me.

What are your ambitions in the sport?
- My goal is to become a professional handball player one day, but I also play because it is fun, he says.

This is the second consecutive year Mikka Winkler and Jari Stocker are participating in Partille Cup with HSG Nordwest. So far they are enjoying the event this year as well.
- It has been very good. Partille Cup is a good place for young handball players like us, and it is fun to get to know new people, Jari Stocker says.

Now, the A-Play-off awaits the Swiss, and the objective is set in front for the next few days.
- We are going to have fun, and hopefully keep winning the matches, the boys say.



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