IHF's president Hassan Moustafa: "It’s a great tournament" - Partille Cup
Partille Cup

IHF's president Hassan Moustafa: "It’s a great tournament"

The president of the International Handball Federation, Hassan Moustafa, visited Partille Cup during Thursday.

Hassan Moustafa from Egypt has been president for the International Handball Federation since 2000. Today he visited Heden and Partille Cup.

Hassan Moustafa met the tournament’s general secretary Fredrik Andersson and Stefan Albrechtson, the club director for IK Sävehof.
– Partille Cup is a great tournament. It’s satisfying for me to be here. This is my tenth now here in Partille Cup, says Hassan Moustafa.
He loves to see young people spreading joy in handball.
– We have a very good collaboration with Partille Cup since a long time. The best thing with Partille Cup is to bring the whole handball family together. It's important for the future of handball, especially in this ages, says the president of the IHF.

Later today, the group stage for the 2023 World Women's Handball Championship in Sweden, Norway and Denmark will be drawn in Scandinavium.
– We organize the World Championship draw and we combine it with a nice visit to Partille Cup, says Hassan Moustafa.



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