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Kärra HF loves the Partille Cup: "The feeling is the best"

This year, Kärra HF's G16 team advanced to the 1/8 final in the Partille Cup and they loved every second of the tournament week.

Kärra HF is one of the local clubs that always participate in the Partille Cup. Their G16 team played excellent in this year's tournament and scored a lot of goals.
– It was a lot of fun, says the key player Andrea Drobac.

They won six straight games before they were stopped by Hornbaek SF from Denmark in the 1/8 final.
– The matches were fun and it's always just as fun between the matches. I would say that the best thing about the tournament is the feeling and that there are so many different people there. My best memory is when we won against Skuru in the playoffs, because it was nervous before and I think we played very well, says Andrea Drobac.
In the group stage, they averaged over 20 goals per game.
– Winning games with big numbers is of course a relief, but the games can get a bit boring when not much is happening, she says.
The talent herself scored many goals in the Partille Cup 2022.
– It was of course great fun to score many goals, but I would still say that it was a team effort as my teammates assisted me well in almost all situations, says Andrea Drobac humbly.
If she will participate in the Partille Cup next year as well? The answer comes really fast.
– Yes of course. I hope to have as good experience as I have had every other year and that we will have some luck with the weather.

She enjoyed facing teams from Iceland, Denmark and Norway.
– It's always fun to meet teams from other countries as they often have different games. You get to try different things that you are not used to.
Andrea Drobac dreams of being able to play professional handball in the future.
– I want to go as far as possible, become as good as I can and see how far it takes me.
She has Hampus Wanne in the men's national team as her idol.
– He's a very good winger and I play on the wing, so I think it's fun to see such a great player, says the talent.



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