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Kärra HF reached the final in the G21 class: "It would be incredibly fun to win"

Kärra HF reached the final in the G21 class after a victory over SG Steinbach-Kappelwindeck.

Kärra HF has several merited players in the team.
On Friday, they went to the final in the G21 class.
– It would be incredibly fun to win. I've only won silver before, says the key player Emma Wiksfors.

Kärra HF has won every match in the tournament.
– We finished first in our group, where we had tough matches against both IK Sävehof and Fjellhammer. The quarterfinal against Lugi was tough. The start was even but we were able to go away in the second half, says Emma Wiksfors.
In the semifinal against the German team SG Steinbach-Kappelwindeck, they won comfortably after getting off to a good start. In the end, they won the game with 23 goals to twelve.
– The match was very fun. We play better together the longer the tournament lasts, says the 20-year-old.
She's happy about the place in the final.
– It feels great to be in the final, especially with this team. We've never played with each other before. We have many new players, some juniors and some from the senior team. It's a mix, which is fun, says Emma Wiksfors.
Their strength is the collective.
– We all run and look forward. And we do it together, she says.

She thinks that her own performance has constantly improved.
- It's unusual to play outdoors and with new players, but it goes better and better.
Emma has never won the Partille Cup.
– It would be incredibly fun to win. I have only won a silver medal before, so I want revenge, she says.

Önnereds HK and Fjellhammer are fighting for the second place in the final.
– I think it will be tough in the final. I keep my fingers crossed for a Gothenburg derby.
Last season she played in the Swedish top league with Kärra HF. The team got relegated but she stays.
– Yes, I'm staying in Kärra. I hope to become a key player who gets a lot of responsibility. We have a completely new squad with a lot of new players. The goal is of course to get promoted again, but we are young and unexperienced. We hope to be at the top of the table and be as good as possible, he says.
She likes the Partille Cup a lot.
– The best thing about Partille Cup is the atmosphere and the feeling. Everyone is happy, it's wonderful! says Emma Wiksfors.


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