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LSG Löbnitz e.V: "The whole atmosphere was just breathtaking"

The German team LSG Löbnitz e.V will come back to the Partille Cup next year.

LSG Löbnitz e.V made their debut in the Partille Cup this year.
Next year, they will come back to Gothenburg and play the tournament again.
– The whole atmosphere was just breathtaking, says the coach Michael Majunke.

You come from a pretty small place. Can you tell us about your club?
– You are absolutely right, we are from a quite small village but with a great handball spirit. Our village has around 2 000 inhabitants and is located near Leipzig. The club was founded in 1980 and has about 60 members of the handball section. Most of our teams are children and young players, especially girls. So as you can see, we‘re really not that big, says Michael Majunke.

Why are you choosing to play in the Partille Cup in 2023?
– As the Partille Cup 2022 was a very great experience both for the players and the coaches, we want to start with two teams in 2023. The tournament is a perfect opportunity for us to improve our playing and to compare our skills to people all over the world.

You participated in the tournament for the first time this year. What did you think about the Partille Cup and the week in Gothenburg?
– We really appreciated the opportunity to participate in such an international tournament. We really enjoyed playing against all the nations during the day and then talking to them as friends in the evening. One of the best moments definitely was the great opening ceremony. The whole team was very fascinated and enjoyed the event very much. Gothenburg in general is a very beautiful city with so many lovely people. The tournament had a great organization and the whole atmosphere was just breathtaking. So we’re really looking forward to make a lot more memories in 2023.

What are your hopes for the 2023 edition of the Partille Cup?
– Firstly, we really hope that we will be able to manage the financial part of the tournament. For small clubs like ours, that is only possible because of very generous sponsors, members and volunteers. After that, the most important thing will be to collect as many experiences as possible. But surely, we‘re also looking forward to at least reach the quarter-finals.

What are you looking forward to the most?
– We‘re really looking forward to get in contact with the people of lots of different nations. The team spirit and the atmosphere will always be the most beautiful thing. And certainly, the famous Swedish meatballs.

Do you think more teams from Germany should take the chance to play in the Partille Cup?
– We would definitely recommend every other team to use the chance and take part in this unforgettable experience, says Michael Majunke.


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