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Lugi needed to eliminate Lugi to advance in the tournament

There were mixed feelings after the match

In the Round of 16 of the B14 category, Lugi HK 1 faced Lugi HK 3. Lugi HK 1 won the match, but after the match, there were double feelings.
- It does not feel good to eliminate our own team, says Carl Bjerström, player for the winning Lugi team.

After a thrilling and fair match, Lugi HK 1 came out as the winner with a 20-18 win. After the match, there were no hard feelings.
- It feels good to proceed in the tournament, but it does not feel so good to eliminate our own team, Carl.

Earlier today it was made clear that they would face each other in the Round of 16. Carl and his teammates are familiar with this situation.
- We play against each other all the time. Every single cup we play in ends in a game between our team.

What was your reaction when you realized you were going to play against each other?
- It was us who messed up in the group stage that made it possible for us to face each other. So the other team was quite angry at us, he says and laugh.

Even though Carl's team just eliminated his own teammates, he does not doubt the fact that they will continue to support them in the remainder of the tournament.
- They will keep on supporting us, I am sure about that. They are the best supporters at Partille Cup, he says.

Lugi has two teams left in the B14 category, and they could potentially face each other in the final.
- It would be fun. You would not complain if you were to win one gold medal and one silver medal.

Lugi, from Skåne in Sweden, is the team with the most teams among the traveling teams. In total, they have 40 participating teams. Only IK Sävehof and Önneröd HK have more teams in the tournament.



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