Majken Hansson is a referee in the tournament this summer: "You make friends for life" - Partille Cup
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Majken Hansson is a referee in the tournament this summer: "You make friends for life"

18-year-old Majken Hansson from Lund is one of the skilled referees in this summer's edition of Partille World Cup.

Majken Hansson sees many advantages in being a referee in Partille World Cup.
– The best thing about the tournament is that barriers such as which team, language or country you come from no longer matter. You not only create memories but also make friends for life, says the 18-year-old.

Why did you become a referee in handboll and how long have you been that?
– I have played handball for several years and attended my first refereeing courses together with other players from my club. I started as a referee when I was 14 years old, but with covid-19 and several canceled matches, it was a bit of a tough start. I referee handball because it's fun and because it gives me the opportunity to still be a part of handball and the joy the sport gives even though I'm not a player myself.

What is the best thing about being a referee in general and Partille World Cup referee in particular?
– It is being able to develop yourself both on and off the field in making decisions and standing up for yourself. I also think it is very interesting to follow the development of the teams during the course of the season. I myself have never refereed in Partille World Cup before, so I look forward to what I can learn from the experience. It will be my debut as a referee in the tournament this summer. I look forward to coming up to Gothenburg again.

What is your goal regarding being a referee?
– Right now I don't have a goal, but I don't plan to stop refereeing in the coming years. Right now I'm only focusing on continuing to develop in my refereeing while being able to have fun and meet new people.

Why do you think more people should step up and become Partille World Cup referees?
I remember when I was going to play my first match in Partille World Cup, nervous and with a smile that probably didn't disappear for several days. The tournament is about handball but also about so much more. It's about laughter, tears and dreams coming true. All of this is something that is only possible with us working around both on and off the plane.

What do you do when you're not refereeing handball?
– When I'm not refereeing handball, I'm in my second year at Polhemskolan in Lund and I've also started playing rugby in my spare time, says Majken Hansson, who recently played a rugby tournament in Scotland.

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