Many players in the World Championship have played in the Partille Cup - Partille Cup

Many players in the World Championship have played in the Partille Cup

Brazil's championship debutant played in the Partille Cup as recently as 2019.

The World Championship is currently being played in Sweden and Poland. But did you know that many of the players in the World Championship have participated in the Partille Cup?

You see Hugo Bryan Monta da Silva in the picture above. The Brazilian represented EC Pinheiros in the Partille Cup in the summer of 2019. Now he plays for Brazil in the World Championship. He made his national team debut in the opening game against Sweden in Scandinavium. The 192-centimeter-tall 19-year-old scored one goal. Since then, the talent has scored three more goals in the tournament. And he is just one of many World Championship players who have a background in the world's biggest youth handball tournament.

In the Swedish team have for example Eric Johansson, Hampus Wanne, Jim Gottfridsson, Andreas Palicka, Niclas Ekberg, Tobias Thulin, Jonathan Carlsbogård, Lucas Pellas and Felix Claar participated in the Partille Cup. In the picture below, you can see the Barcelona star Hampus Wanne and his teammates in his first club Önnereds HK at the Partille Cup back in 2005.

The Icelandic national team stars Aron Palmarsson, Olafur Gudmundsson, Omar Ingi Magnusson and Elvar Örn Jonsson have all won the Partille Cup. And in Croatia's squad: Lovro Mihic, Paolo Kraljevic, Zeljko Musa, Nikola Grahovac, Domagoj Duvnjak and Luka Sebetic have all taken part in the prestigious tournament. And this was just some examples. Many dreams start in the Partille Cup.

We at Partille Cup wish all players the best of luck in the tournament!



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