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Memorable Partille Cup to the end: "It's been absolutely wonderful"

General secretary: "One big handball family"

Partille Cup 2023 is over and the participants get to go home with memories to last a lifetime. We are so happy about the joy that everyone involved has shown and spread during the past week.
– Partille Cup 2023 has been absolutely wonderful, says general secretary Fredrik Andersson.

 4093 matches between 1191 teams from 34 nations have been played in Gothenburg. During these matches we have seen over 101000 goals. Lucky winners have been crowned in both the A and B playoffs. We saw winning teams from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Croatia in the A finals. Players, managers and officials (referees included of course) behaved with enthusiasm and spread a joy that we will live on for months to come.

Partille Cup's general secretary Fredrik Andersson sees back on the week that was this year's edition of the tournament.
– It has been absolutely wonderful. It is a magical week that only happens once a year. During the Partille Cup, everyone gets involved as one big handball family from all corners of the world. Everyone can gather and enjoy handball and build friendships. We are very satisfied with this year's tournament, says Fredrik Andersson.
The General Secretary hopes that all participants from all 34 countries are satisfied with the Partille Cup week and that they have gained new energy from it.
– We really want to thank all the players, leaders, clubs and not least all the officials for this fantastic week. We will soon evaluate what we can do better to be able to offer an even better experience during Partille Cup 2024, says Fredrik Andersson.

Without you, this tournament would never have been possible. Thank you for this week, soon we will start loading for next year!


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