Mini-handball Monday - Partille Cup
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Mini-handball Monday

All Monday the pitches at Heden were filled with kids aged 8-9, their coaches and family members cheering them on from the sidelines.

It was time for the Partille Cup mini-handball tournament, where kids from local clubs BK Heid, IK Sävehof and Kärra HF played each other. The focus was on fun and teamwork.

After a brief pause when a torrent of rain fell over Heden, the whole day was dedicated to kids aged 8 - 9 having fun together on size-adjusted courts, playing a kids version of handball.
– The focus is on movement, fast pace, learning to play handball and most of all having fun, says Ché Olsson, one of the coaches from BK Heid.

There were quite a lot of people surrounding the courts at Heden, Gothenburg mainly showing itself from its sunny (if a bit cloudy at times) side. Everyone quickly got under whatever cover they could find though when, out of nowhere, a rain started falling. After a fifteen minute break, all games were back on.

As no scores were kept, all teams went home as winners.



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