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Morski Sianow will be back: "Gothenburg is an awesome city"

The Polish team loved to play here in the summer. Next summer, Morski Sianow will be back in Gothenburg.

"The games, the smiles of the people, the bus trips to the matches, the meals and the relationships between the opposing teams on the pitches have shown the players that sport is beautiful, that sport is friendship. They want to feel it again". The words come from the Polish club Morski Sianow.

The coach Mariusz Dobrzeniecki tells us a bit more about the club.
– Our club is small and young but thanks to that, we’re really close. Apart from our boys we also train young girls that love handball and our wonderful coaches as much as we do. Our parents support the club in every single step. They love this sport and are also a part of our club. Because we are so close we can say that we are like one big family, he says.
In the tournament in the summer of 2022, they were the only team from Poland.
– We want to test and improve our skills and Partille Cup is an excellent chance for that. We're planning on going with one team from our club next year, but things may change.

They loved the atmosphere at the Partille Cup.
– Everyone respected everybody; referees, coaches, players, volunteers and organizers. We also liked the competition and a huge determination with fun and respect. You could have felt that we were all connected by handball and you felt like we were a big family. Thanks to the fact that all the games were in a large area we could see a lot of different nations and their styles of handball playing techniques. Obviously, we loved the opening ceremony. It was spectacular.
– Even if we were the only one team from Poland, everybody was happy when it was our turn to present the country. Although the other participants didn’t know us they also were cheering and clapping. Tournaments and matches in Poland are completely different. Tournaments aren’t so big here. We don’t have an opening ceremony like this. There is only a closing ceremony where we choose a MVP, the best goalkeeper and so on. We also watch games of other teams and we play indoors on one pitch match after match. In Partille Cup, you feel more sports atmosphere, says the coach.

This year’s edition of the Partille Cup was their first huge handball tournament. Now they can’t wait to participate in the Partille Cup again.
– The girls from our team played in a strong group, but this time we’re going to do our best to get a better place. We will show our skills and the strength of our hearts on the pitch. But mostly, we can't wait for the opening ceremony, which is going to be incredible and the time spend there won't be forgotten for sure! Like it happened a year ago, we will be able to play encouraging matches that will teach us a lot. We're looking forward to such experience again.
They also like the city very much.
– In our opinion, Gothenburg is an awesome city. There are a lot of places where you can play any sports. Also you can see and feel the connection with the sport there, which you can't really feel in Poland because handball is not so popular here. Furthermore, the whole city is nice and the communication system there is really great too. To compare to Sianow, Gothenburg is a bigger city and has more places to play sports or just to go out with your friends.
Do you think more teams from Poland should take the chance to play in the Partille Cup?
– Other teams from Poland should also have a chance to take part in Partille Cup because for us it’s a huge experience and in our opinion more clubs should have an opportunity to take part in this event.  We hope that some day we will see a team that has the same flag as ours. See you in 2023! says Mariusz Dobrzeniecki.


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