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Mt Kenya's Journey to Partille World Cup 2024

Mt Kenya has traveled long distances to experience the 2024 Partille World Cup.

Several nations that visit the Partille World Cup travel long distances each year to experience the euphoria inside the arenas. One of the teams we followed during the 2024 tournament is Mt Kenya in the B13 category.

Mt Kenya, also known as Mount Kenya, Boys 13, is a youth team from central Kenya that chose to travel long distances to participate in the 2024 edition of the Partille World Cup. A twelve-hour flight with a two-hour layover was required for the team to reach Gothenburg.

– We traveled for 10 plus 2 hours to get here to Gothenburg, but it feels great to be here, said Aaron Kibaara when we met him during the first day of the tournament at Heden.

This year, Kenya sent two teams, both from Mt Kenya, in the B13 and G13 categories. In previous years, we have also seen Kenyan teams participate in the tournament and perform well throughout the week. The team we followed throughout the week in the B13 category was here for the first time, and it was highly appreciated by all the players.

What made this team stand out a little extra was their uniforms, which at first glance looked like basketball jerseys, with self-written names on the back in red pen, something the boys proudly showed off during the week.

Partille World Cup's initiative Celebrate the people focuses on generating meetings between people that create understanding, knowledge and perspective. Through the Partille World Cup Foundation, they want to give children and young people who otherwise would not have had the chance, the opportunity for education and an active leisure time. Before the journey home, Mt Kenya received bags containing handballs, clothes and other necessities to distribute upon landing in Kenya.



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