“No tournament compares to Partille Cup" - Partille Cup

“No tournament compares to Partille Cup"

Brazilian side H10 relish what the tournament has to offer.

The fusing of different cultures is an appreciated part of Partille Cup. The Brazilian players were approached with Brazilian music and some flag exchanges occurred during the tournament.
– It’s so special, there are no words to describe it, says Murilo Campos.

Brazilian team H10 traveled a long way and enjoyed the chance to be at Partille Cup. They traveled from Sao Paolo with one B15 and one G16 team and the players have appreciated the possibility to travel together. They also went to a tournament in Spain before coming to Gothenburg, where the boys team advanced to the quarterfinals. But Partille Cup is the main event.
– No tournament compares with Partille Cup. It’s unique and so big, says Murilo Campos, 15 years old.

The chance to experience different cultures is a big reason why they like the tournament. They like the opportunity to meet and connect with new people, and people like to connect with them as well.
– People come to us and sing Brazilian music, it’s so cool, says Murilo.

The teams have a tradition of bringing Brazilian flags with them to exchange with other teams, and they had already racked up a few flags from Spain, Switzerland and France when we met them. The flags will be assembled into a piece as a memory. The B15 team was playing together for the first time at the tournament and it’s a mixture of players from across the country. Murilo has played since he was six years old and his teammate Dirceu Sugarava, 15 years old, only started last year. They both want to come back to the tournament next year.



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