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Officiating at Partille Cup is a unique experience

Filip travelled all the way from Croatia to be a referee at the tournament.

Partille Cup is not only an experience for all the participating players.
- It has been som fantastic few days, says Filip Jurican, referee at Partille Cup 2023.

Filip Jurican travelled all the way from Croatia to officiate matches at Partille Cup and to soak up the famous Partille Cup atmosphere.
– I have never seen anything like it in my life. It is fantastic, and very cool with so many people around, says Filip.

Did you expect Partille Cup to be this big?
– No, it's unbelievable. It's so many people here and I love it.
Handball is one of Jurican’s big intrests and something he has been active in for a long time.
– I played handball myself when I was younger. My position was right-back. Nowadays I do not play it anymore, I am only refereeing matches, he says.

Did you play Partille Cup yourself?
– Unfortunately not. That is why it is extra special for me to be here and experience the whole thing. After the week I will have officiated approximately 40 matches, so eight a day.
He also takes the opportunity to praise the good players participating in the tournament.
– Many teams have been very good. They treat me with respect, and that is quite rare actually, he says and laughs.

Is the job as a referee at Partille Cup something you would recommend?
– Yes, definitely. It's really cool both to visit a different country and meet so much new people under a week. So if the opportunity appears again I will do it, he says.



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