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Our ambassadors does an amazing job supporting the teams

Partille Cup is a tournament that touches and engage people from all over the world - our ambassadors have a big heart for handball and they support many of the teams participating in Partille Cup.


Being a part of the handball community is significant for many of us. A great example is our ambassadors who we care extra about. Our ambassadors have a big heart for the sport and an extra big one for Partille Cup. They help many of the teams from their region to travel to Gothenburg and Partille Cup. The ambassadors help the teams with preparations before, and support the teams during the tournament.

We are very grateful for our ambassadors, especially now, when we all need to find the joy again after the pandemic, and when we need to set new goal and dreams to reach for.

Armando Lopes is our latest member of the Partille Cup ambassador community. He's from Portugal and next nummer he will travel to Partille Cup with several teams. If you get the opportunity to play against a Portuguese team next summer, you will most likely see Armando cheering on them from the sideline.

Are you from Portugal? Please, take a look at Armandos website and let him know how he can help your team.

Jørgen Larsen, Tiago Miranda, Armando Lopes, Rie Bidstrup and Liselott Boström during the ambassadors activity in 2019.

Do you want to become an ambassador?

We have ambassadors in several countries like Denmark, Germany, India, Brazil, Croatia and Russia but we are always looking for new ambassadors, especially from countries where handball is a popular sport but not many teams participate in Partille Cup. If you have great interest in handball and Partille Cup, please contact us.

Our ambition is to create the worlds largest meeting place for youth handball players. To give as many youth's as possible the opportunity to be a part of our community is what drives us forward.

Please contact us so we can let you know more about Partille Cup and how we can create a world of handball together.

Do you want to become an ambassador - contact us



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