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Our friends from the Faroe Islands

The country with the most handball players (per capita) on the planet. The islanders are finally here!

The Faroe Islands' population may not be the largest but they take their handball very seriously. Hatlur Danielsen has been to Partille Cup since 2011.
– There are just so many things I love about this tournament, he says.

Apart from the national team competing in the EOC (which they won in 2019) the clubs H 71 and Neistin arrived during the weekend with 17 teams. In previous years Neistin and H 71 have taken turns and gone every other year but this year, both are here.
Neistin, from Torshavn, is the oldest club from the Faroe Islands, established in 1931. H 71 is from Höyvik which is situated not far from Torshavn.
– Or as we prefer to say, Torshavn is close to Höyvik, Danielsen says with a smile.
On Monday evening the 200 players as well as 200 parents, leaders and siblings were all getting established at Guldhedsskolan in central Gothenburg. Some of them had traveled by ferry via Denmark, others by airplane and bus, but now they were all looking forward to join in the tournament.
– The atmosphere when you play games at Heden is fantastic and nowadays Kviberg also has a great atmosphere, says Danielsen.

Danielsen had just finished a large information meeting in the school cafeteria and was in good spirits after coordinating all the logistics involved moving 400 people from the Faroe Islands to a school in central Gothenburg. He is also a member of the Handball Federation for his country and looked forward to watching the national team play in the EOC tournament.

The players looked totally ready to play games this very evening but first they probably need to get some sleep at least.

Partille Cup is very happy to welcome all islanders to the tournament and to Gothenburg!


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