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Over 100 teams registered for the Partille Cup 2023 - Elverum became the first foreign team

The interest in Partille Cup 2023 is great and we've now passed 100 teams.

Last week, the registration for the Partille Cup 2023 opened up. Now over 100 teams from four countries have signed up for the tournament. Fastest of the foreign teams to register was the G18 team Elverum Håndball from Norway. 

This year's tournament featured 1060 teams from 30 countries. Now 105 teams from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Poland have registered for Partille Cup 2023. There is also interest from significantly more countries. First out of the foreign teams was Elverum Håndball from Norway who quickly registered their G18 team with players born in 2005 and 2006.
– It’s so fun that we were the first foreign team to sign up! Elverum Håndball G18 is very much looking forward to traveling to Gothenburg and the Partille Cup in 2023, says the team leader Line-Mari Myrvang.

The Norwegian club has a long tradition of participating in the world's largest youth handball tournament.
– We participate with several teams in different age groups every year, and our players see this as the happening of the year. We travel together as a club and when leaving for the Partille Cup, all our players, coaches and team leaders wear that year's Partille Cup jacket with Elverum Håndball's logo on it, she says.

The players born in 2005 participated in the Partille Cup for the first time in 2019.
– Like other teams, we have lost two years of the Partille Cup due to the pandemic, so our girls who were born in 2006 participated for the first time this year. The girls played in both A and B playoffs in Partille Cup 2022 and they had a fantastic week with great experiences, both in terms of results and socially. See you at Partille Cup 2023, says Line-Mari Myrvang happily. 

If you haven't already registered your team, don't hesitate to do it HERE.



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