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Partille Cup deepens the collaboration with Gothia Cup

Partille Cup deepens its collaboration with Gothia Cup to continue developing the two world-leading youth tournaments in handball and football.

The two organizing clubs, BK Häcken and IK Sävehof, have signed an agreement which means that the Gothia organization will manage the implementation of the world’s largest youth tournament in handball.

Partille Cup was first played in 1970 and five years later the Gothia Cup started. Knowledge and experience were exchanged early on between the tournaments and since Partille Cup moved to Gothenburg in the early 2000s, the collaboration has grown – especially in terms of the Opening ceremony, Leaders party and the heart of the tournaments, Heden Center, but also in terms of materials and logistics. All to give the participants the best possible experience of both Gothenburg and the events during their week in the city.

Now the two organizing clubs, BK Häcken and IK Sävehof, are taking the step fully to optimize the synergies between the youth tournaments. Sävehof is still the sole organizer of the Partille Cup and has both budget and strategy responsibility, but the implementation will be handled by the Gothia Cup organization.

The collaboration means that Partille Cup’s permanent staff will be operationally part of the Gothia Cup’s organization, where they jointly manage the planning and implementation of both cups.

– For us, it is about creating the best conditions to be able to develop Partille Cup. It provides security to coordinate, where we will create more synergy effects at the same time as it gives us the opportunity to invest in creating even better tournaments so the participants will get an even better experience, says Fredrik Andersson, General Secretary of Partille Cup.

The two event organizations have been discussing the issue for many years, as there has been so many and important clear connections. After two years where both Gothia Cup and Partille Cup had to be canceled due to the corona pandemic, it was decided to realize the plans. For the organizing club IK Sävehof, it is important to emphasize that ownership and decision-making are still Sävehof’s.

– We ensure the future and development of the event. We see the coordination parts as the most important thing – that we can use each other’s skills fully. Sävehof will continue to secure the handball-related parts of the event and be helpful in the already established contacts with clubs as well as national and international associations and federations, says Stefan Albrechtson, club director IK Sävehof.

What will the collaboration mean for the participants in the Partille Cup?
Partille Cup is still the same event with the same content and structure. We are proud of the special feeling created during the event and it will be the same people during the implementation. The only change is that we are aiming to produce an even better tournament.

What will it mean for the staff and volunteers?
Our officials will continue to work with Partille Cup. More people may choose, with advantage, to work with both events, for which space will be created.

How does the collaboration affect Partille Cup’s partners?
Partille Cup is still a marketing right within the organization number of IK Sävehof and in itself and therefore the partners of Partille Cup will not be affected.



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