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Partille Cup is very popular in Norway

At one point there were more Norwegian than Swedish teams registered for the Partille Cup 2023 and Norway is now not long after Sweden regarding registered teams. There will be something like a Norwegian invasion in the Partille Cup in the summer.

There is great interest among the Norwegian teams. Not least in Elverum Håndball.
– We're experiencing enormous interest in the Partille Cup in Elverum; from players, coaches and leaders. It's the highlight of the year for the players, says Knut Egil Ervik, coordinator for Elverum's youth team.

Elverum Håndball fills four buses and travels with over 200 players and leaders to Gothenburg.
– We participate with teams for both sexes at the ages of 14, 15, 16 and 18 years. It's a tradition that has been going on for around ten years, and all teams are ready to travel. There is no doubt among our players and leaders, we are going to the Partille Cup. In addition, there are many parents who travel down, says Knut Egil Ervik, emphasizing the importance of the tournament for the club:
– It's important for us to have such a joint tournament, and we feel that it builds the club, provides good experiences and gives us something to look forward to during spring trainings.

He's not surprised about the fact that the Partille Cup is so popular in the Norwegian clubs.
– I think that the Norwegian teams experience quality in all aspects of the Partille Cup; in sport, in all activities offered and in the social area. It's fantastic to meet so many people from other countries. There are so many days that you get to know others at the same school, and it's a wonderful mix of sports, experiences and spending time with your own team - and new acquaintances, he says and continues:
– I think that many Norwegian teams and clubs see the value in traveling together to such a big tournament, where you get everything in one place for a whole week. It also helps with the sun, summer and that Gothenburg is a wonderful city, says Knut Egil Ervik.


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