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Partille World Cup participated in a meeting with the International Handball Federation

Partille World Cup has participated in a meeting with the International Handball Federation; the IHF. The development of youth handball in the world was discussed at the meeting in Switzerland.

Partille World Cup was recently invited to the IHF headquarters in Switzerland. On the agenda were discussions about how youth handball should take steps forward around the world.

IHF’s President Dr Hassan Moustafa, General Director Amal Khalifa, Jean Brihault, Adviser for the IHF’s New Markets’ Project in USA and Competitions Director Patric Strub were all present. General secretary Fredrik Andersson and senior advisor Stefan Albrechtson participated from Partille World Cup.
– We believe in the power that handball creates. Therefore, Partille World Cup has started several different projects to promote the value that sport and culture have when they interact. A force that can really make a difference, not only on the handball court but everywhere in the world. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss new projects and collaborations around how we can jointly spread and increase our sport around the world. This was a first meeting and it will be exciting to see what we can do together in the future, says Fredrik Andersson.
The IHF had its congress in 2019 in Gothenburg, in connection with the 50th anniversary of Partille World Cup, and the tournament has always had a good relationship with the IHF.

Handball is a big sport in the Nordic and in the European countries. In recent years, several new nations have participated in Partille World Cup. Last year, Cape Verde made their debut in the tournament and were an appreciated participant. Countries such as South Africa, Peru and Zimbabwe are nations that have not participated for several years but are now returning to Gothenburg. A total of 97 nations have participated in Partille World Cup since its inception.
– Close to 600 000 people have played in Partille World Cup and there are thousands of stories about how Partille World Cup has inspired, touched and contributed to an increased lifelong interest in the sport, says Fredrik Andersson.

Handball was first played in Denmark in the 1890s. The sport is played today in over 180 countries on five continents and has been an Olympic sport since 1972 for men and 1976 for women. However, a tournament in outdoor handball was already played in connection with the Olympics in Berlin in 1936.
– The popularity of handball is increasing all over the world and it is clear that we want to do what we can to help. It's an absolutely fantastic sport, says Fredrik Andersson.



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