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Pre-camp has started: "The goal is to spread our knowledge"

Partille Cup organizes a pre-camp in Partille before the tournament with teams from two different parts of the world.

Scotland Select's G15 and B15 teams and Chilenska Italiano BM's G15 and G18 teams are the participating teams. They will receive valuable training with IK Sävehof as well as education. This is part of Partille Cup standing for "world of handball", and wants to spread and develop handball in other countries.

Scotland Select arrived yesterday while the Chileans arrive tomorrow night. The teams will be trained by, among other things, well-qualified (a Swedish Championship on the CV, among other things) coach Ulf Andersson and will be allowed to train together with teams from IK Sävehof.
– What we focus on is actually the individual and collective in all parts of the game; defense, build-up play and attack. We will of coruse give the goalkeepers space in all shifts in one way or another. The goal is to spread our knowledge and experience to the interested countries that participate. With experience from previous years, the players are motivated and very grateful that we share with them, says Ulf Andersson.

On Monday, Scotland Selects and Italiano BM's teams will also face IK Sävehof in friendly matches.
– This is a brilliant opportunity for our young players to continue their development pathway. It links perfectly into the work we’e doing here in Scotland to help grow the amazing sport that is handball. We’re working with young people across Scotland at all ages and levels, and for us to have this opportunity to take players from our National Academy to Partille, and especially to take part in this pre-camp alongside our friends and colleagues from Chile is wonderful. As the pre-camp is being led by some of the best handball coaches in the world, we know that all our players will benefit hugely and, despite already being excellent, we hope that our coaches can pick up some further hints and tips on their own development journey too, says Ewan Hunter, CEO at the Scottish Handball Association.
He adds:
– We are also very keen to acknowledge the fact that none of this would have been possible without the help, support and love of our friends at the Swedish Handball Federation, working so closely alongside IK Sävehof and Partille Cup. As the governing body for Handball in Scotland, we very much look forward to building on these relationships as we all develop and grow our wonderful sport across Europe and the world.



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