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Promov Rebordosa - the first team from Portugal in the Partille Cup 2023

Promov Rebordosa Andebol will participate in the Partille Cup in the summer.

Promov Rebordosa Andebol is one of the newest handball clubs in Portugal. Next year, they will make their debut in the Partille Cup.

Promov Rebordosa Andebol was founded on August 14 in 2018, so they have a little more than four years of experience.
– It’s connected to a social, cultural, sports and recreational association already existing in the city of Rebordosa, called Promov. Although the club is associated with Promov, its dynamics, management and direction work completely independently, says João Azevedo, the Team Manager for Promov Rebordosa.
In the 1990s, the city of Rebordosa had some success with very talented female players. The new club is focused on youth handball.
– The club based in Rebordosa offers to children and young people the possibility of being able to practice and play handball, guided by coaches specialized in the sport and with all the necessary sporting and logistical facilities.

He tells us why they choose to play in the Partille Cup for the first time.
– We already know Partille Cup because Portugal’s ambassador in the Partille Cup, Armando Lopes, have a big experience regarding taking teams to Partille Cup with the organization Go Hand Play. Now we want to have the experience ourselves and we count with Go Hand Play Experience and Armando Lopes, to help us make a dream come true, says João Azevedo.
They have only heard good stuff about the world’s biggest handball tournament for youngsters.
– It’s the World of Handball and we want to take part of this amazing atmosphere! We have already played in other tournaments, but it will be our first experience in Sweden.

What are your hopes for the 2023 edition of the Partille Cup?
– We hope to have a lot of happiness for our young girls, a lot of competitive matches and also enjoy everything in the Partille Cup. Also we have great expectations in visiting Copenhagen.
What are you looking forward to the most?
– Our biggest focus is to have fun while playing and meeting other cultures and make new friends. We’re counting the days to the opening ceremony.

They hope that more teams from Portugal will come to the Partille Cup and Gothenburg in the future.
– Yes! We’re going now, because Go Hand Play made a great job last year with Portuguese teams that went to the Partille Cup. And with this cooperation between Go Hand Play, the well known coach Paulo Costa and AL Sport Events, more Portuguese teams will go for sure, says João Azevedo.
He thinks that the interest for handball and the Partille Cup is growing all the time in Portugal.
– The interest in handball is amazing. On the women’s side, it’s a sport that gets more people in practice. On the men’s side, we loose people to the football. Everyone wants to go to the Partille Cup, but it’s a big financial effort for the kids and parents, says João Azevedo.


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