Record of registrations - Partille Cup

Record of registrations

This year, a record number of teams registered the first day. After 30 minutes, the record from previous years was broken. Over 200 teams had then registered for next year’s tournament. The vast majority of teams chose the hotel category.

Registration for the 51st edition of the Partille Cup opened yesterday at 10:00 CET and there were several nations wanting to beat the early bird. Teams from three continents signed up, which is remarkable as time zones mean that some had to sign up in the middle of the night.

The first to register was the traditional Swedish handball club IF Swithiod, which is participating in the tournament for the 13th time. The first foreign teams came from Norway and Denmark. Five minutes later, teams from Canada and Russia had signed up with a time margin of 2 minutes apart. Many teams chose the hotel category. Partille Cup has booked just over 25,000 guest nights at 16 of the city’s hotels. But now it risks running out quickly.

The categories in the tournament that you can choose from are:  accommodation in a school, hotel, own accommodation or local teams.
The last Partille Cup (2019) celebrated 50 years and had a record number of participants. 24.500 participants divided into 1.407 teams and 52 nations participated in the tournament.

It is fantastic that the interest is so great given the circumstances. Right now, we are working with many different scenarios to carry out the tournament, considering the requirements that will be placed on us and what recommendations the public health authorities will give. It is still very uncertain, but the interest in registrations means that there is great hope and desire to complete a tournament. People from all over the world want to meet again, says - Fredrik Andersson, General Secretary of Partille Cup.



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