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RK Zagreb B14 champions after dramatic final

RK Zagreb 1 won the B14 final versus FH Hafnarfjördur 1 with 13 goals against twelve.

The players in RK Zagreb 1 showed great happiness after the final whistle. The match against FH Hafnarfjördur 1 was so even and afterwards did the Croatian champions share unforgettable moments together.
– I’m so excited and happy, says the goalkeeper Mateo Vaselcic.

The match between RK Zagreb 1 and FH Hafnarfjördur 1 from Iceland was an entertaining match. Both teams had great support from the stands. It was a lot of singing and the spectators were so passionate. The Croatians had the lead with two goals at halftime. FH Hafnarfjördur 1 came back and made the final very exciting. But in the end, RK Zagreb 1 was the slightly better side today and won with one goal.
– It feels very good because it’s a lot of fun here. There are a lot of teams in Partille World Cup and it’s very competitive. I’m so excited and happy, says the goalkeeper Mateo Vaselcic.

The goalkeeper did many important saves and was awarded the MVP award. He thinks that FH Hafnarfjördur 1 played a good match and that they had to do their very best to win.
– The final was very stressful but we managed to push through the stress and win the match. We faced a really good team, says Mateo Vaselcic.
He explains why he thinks they were the stronger team today:
– I think that we won because we were more mentally strong. We really fought and trained for this the whole year. We showed that we can do it and we did it.
Was does this victory mean to you?
– It means a lot because we are the champions of the world.
How will you celebrate the victory?
– We are going to Zagreb and I will celebrate with my parents and everyone else at home, says Mateo Vaselcic.

FH Hafnarfjördur 1 – RK Zagreb 1
Fristad Arena 1.
12-13 (5-7).



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