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Skanderborg directly registered 14 teams for Partille Cup 2023

Skanderborg is already very excited for the Partille Cup 2023.

It didn't take long before the classic Partille Cup club Skanderborg from Denmark had registered 14 teams for the tournament next summer.
– Playing the Partille Cup is a handball holiday at its best and Heden in particular has a magical atmosphere when the matches are played, says leader Hanne Petersen.

In 2019, 196 players and leaders from Skanderborg participated in the Partille Cup. When the tournament kicked off again this year, they had 220 players and leaders from 17 teams with them.
– Now we're currently 14 teams registered, but we count on and hope for more for Partille Cup 2023, says Hanne Petersen.
Skanderborg has a strong tradition of both playing and winning the world's biggest handball tournament for youngsters.
– It's true that for many years we have had both luck and skill in having teams at the front in the decisive matches. We have also been good at bringing home many trophies and it's something very special to win the Partille Cup. The tournament is big and it requires both luck, endurance and skill to win, as the event, especially on the last day, offers many matches and handball of good quality, says the leader.

For Skanderborg, the Gothenburg adventure is also a big club trip that ends the season, before they start a new season after the summer break.
– The fact that we're together for so long 24/7 gives a special atmosphere of being part of a big handball family and we have the opportunity to hear, see and experience each other's different matches and rejoice in victories and comfort ourselves in defeat, says Hanne Petersen.
Then she says something even more beautiful:
– For us as a club and especially for our players, the Partille Cup is a little piece of handball heaven, where the outside world is forgotten for a while. Togetherness and friendship are in full focus and we have time to be together without interruption from school and work. But just as important are meetings with other handball cultures and cultures in general, she says.

Although their focus is on winning matches and developing as handball players, the Partille Cup is a great experience every time for players, coaches and parents alike, whether you take home a trophy or not.
– We can also see our players grow as people from the experience. All in all a win-win! But we were actually really proud that twelve teams were able to get up on Saturday morning and put on their player gear in the Partille Cup 2022. It was so cool!

Next summer they look forward to new exciting matches and experiences.
– And the atmosphere, the coziness in the school and cheering together and fighting for a trophy to come home to Skanderborg. When both big and small players sing and dance together on the sidelines during matches or after a victory, we know that handball is more than just a sport.
They are already starting to plan all the practical things before the tournament.
– Fortunately, the Partille Cup organization is good at helping. There are lots of practical things to take care of when going away with so many people. On the handball pitch, we're doing the last season preparations. After that, we play and practice a lot before we're again ready for the handball trip of the year, says Hanne Petersen.



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